Super Dangerous Dungeons OST (SPC)
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Hello everybody! I am releasing a SPC set of Super Dangerous Dungeons today. It is my biggest soundtrack I have ever done.

For those of you wondering why I'm doing a SPC set rather than releasing all of the renders, it's primarily for memory reasons. Plus, this is authentic SNES music, meaning I really can get away with this.

The SPC set was compiled according to standards. This means that this is in .rsn format (which is really just RAR renamed).

Get the SNES soundtrack here!

Here is a list of SPC players.

Or you can do it the way I rendered my stuff, by converting it to a ROM, running it on bsnes (the Richard Bannister port, which has an audio recording function) and rendering the music to .wav (and editing them with Audacity) using this lovely little utensil
(caution: WLA DX is required).

Alternatively, you can use my lovely little conversion utensil
. All you need is a command line utensil and Python 3.

If you're looking for renders of the music, then this YouTube video
is your friend.

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