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Hey guys! opened its humble doors over a year ago, and it's overall been a cozy, educational, and extremely sexy experience for me, so I'd like to open a fresh thread on the stuff I've (we've) done with it, and also collect ideas for other, different stuff we have not yet done with it!

For those that don't know, is a project that includes a few servers on the internet with stuff like WWW functionality, a development space, a Mumble server
, and pretty much anything else you can tell me to install.

1. Don't hack the Gibson.
2. Don't be a jerk.
3. Have fun!

If anybody wants an account still, PM me on IRC with a username and password. I can install *nix software, install services (within reason), and even open up a few other boxes to you guys. Besides the main one (NYC), i've got another in New York. one in PA, one in the UK (thanks electronoob!), and one in Toronto. It wouldn't be unreasonable to ask for another node to be created, especially with a little monetary butter ;;;;)))))))

While is tied heartfully to Battle of the Bits and its IRC channel #botb, they are not run by the same people. issues should go to R3M exclusively, not Battle of the Bits staff. Also, I guess I should say I can see everything you put there, and reserve the right to remove any of it.

But yeah, general thread.
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"Also, I guess I should say I can see everything you put there, and reserve the right to remove any of it."

/me deletes 70GB of torrented porn really fast
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Also; on the subject of pornz; , gimme
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welp there goes any prospects of hosting muh rhythm gaem simfiles or video games on this site orz
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