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post #61477 :: 2015.12.12 12:43am
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While I can find bot scripts to handle management of likes, follows and comments; there doesn't seem to be a way to post actual photos or vids via the API. If I can get an automated process down this could be a very nice hands-off promotional tool. Videos can be 15 seconds so maybe an OHB winner could get their avatar and scroll text and their music with a link in the description to the entry. Pixel art entries are obvious.

I managed to create this account by using an android phone emulator.
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post #61486 :: 2015.12.12 4:41am :: edit 2015.12.12 12:13pm
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i managed to generate this with the command line :

video is limited to 15 seconds - should that time start 1/3 of the way into a track?
converted animated gif to 1080p (squared off) h264 w/ track audio

better renders coming including using BotBr's current palette with scrolling text

youtube videos of a similar sort with full length tracks can also be a thing!! :D

*EDIT* the video file's music now starts 1/3 of the way in of source track

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