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post #61427 :: 2015.12.09 11:14am :: edit 2015.12.15 8:24am
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We Are Cohones is an EP with 9 tracks in it, all of them being covers of certain video game music, such as Stickerbush Symphony from Donkey Kong Country 2, or Buoy Base from Super Mario Galaxy!

Our intention is not to infringe copyrights, but to remake some of the classical VGM into a different style.

Each track is covered by a different author.

It's a pay-what-you-want album, meaning you can download it for free. Some source modules included!

Who are we?

We’re a group of musicians and various artists who hang out on Skype. We decided to do start something a bit more organized, so we’re releasing these collaborative albums, with original songs and arrangements.

We are:
- amphobius
- Blaze Yeager
- Deathro
- dpc
- Dr. Merio
- Harumi Makoto
- littlelamp100
- mega9man
- Milos
- PostApocolyptica
- RRThiel
- Threxx
- Warheart
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post #61433 :: 2015.12.09 5:25pm
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In the future, we may also collab for BotB major compos. Stay tuned~
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post #61459 :: 2015.12.10 5:04am
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anyways for real, this was pretty cool, if we ever do something like this again i'll be sure to enter!
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post #61472 :: 2015.12.11 1:25pm
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instruments pls
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[post removed]
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This cover album is on bandcamp as "Pay what you want". Have you asked the original authors for permission to use their copyrighted material? How much of the proceeds go to the original authors of this music?

It's highly ironic how you want to issue Zlew AND BotB a DMCA takedown over something as trivial as FT instruments in a free BotB entry, when you're trying to make money with somebody else's arrangement at the same time.
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post #61494 :: 2015.12.12 8:51am :: edit 2015.12.12 8:52am
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I think Threxx came of as rather aggresive, but I can see why. I won't explain why, because I don't want to be that guy. If he desires to do so, then he can freely do so.

Seriously, though, don't do that.
Also, Sylveon, the users can download the album for free, the only point of PWYW is if users actually want to pay, but we're not trying to make money out of this.

Even if it was free and original I'd still issue a takedown against anyone who'd use our content (be it instruments or otherwise) without explicit permission. Please ask before you do anything.

Have you asked the original authors for permission to use their copyrighted material? How much of the proceeds go to the original authors of this music?

Then do we take down RushJet1's Mega Man remixes because they don't have proper permission?

...issue Zlew (disregarding the BotB part, that was literally a joke but w/e) a DMCA takedown over something as trivial as FT instruments in a free BotB entry...

So you're telling us Zlew can get away with being an ass but if we try to do anything about it then it's our fault.

Before I post this, I want to say some things.
To Zlew: If you want to use the instruments, please ask before you do so. I don't care if they're free or if they're £700. I want enclosure that you are going to use them, and credit on the submission.

To everyone else who are going to post:
Please just disregard the above shit that happened. I really don't want to discuss it anymore.
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post #61510 :: 2015.12.13 10:38am
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Because of the controversy about source files and theft, I've removed the source files from the album description.

We likely won't be releasing any more in the future. And I'm sorry if what I said detracted from the actual music; but many of us agree that we are tired of this theft continuing.

I don't want a rift between any groups, let's all try to move on from this now.
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post #61512 :: 2015.12.13 10:57am
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hey everyone it's okay
everything is gay now
grad your guys have kindness
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post #61522 :: 2015.12.13 5:58pm
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I have made the source for my track available. Please open in 0CC-FamiTracker 0.3.13.
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post #61545 :: 2015.12.15 8:27am
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We've released a 48hc this time. this screams authorcore tbh
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post #61546 :: 2015.12.15 9:11am
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:D glad to see the hiccups of the thread is mostly over and done with~ very nice albums!

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