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post #61409 :: 2015.12.08 3:14pm :: edit 2015.12.08 3:25pm
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This is an experimental troll entry and ear destruction filter, based on mp3gain. It does no dynamic processing, limiting or compressing whatsoever, not touching the song's sounds at all, but still works very well.

In short, it just lowers the overall gain of any songs (or, very rarely but could happen, raises it) to bring every track to the same perceptual volume level.

If you are the first to listen to a particular track via the filter, there will be an additional short delay of a couple seconds.

To try this out, just install this:
and add this rule:

put http://battleofthebits.org/player/EntryPlay/ in the first box
put in the second box

It's that simple! :)

This is very experimental. Please report bugs and feedback here.

To try it out, listen this really cool zxspectrum entry. http://battleofthebits.org/player/Entry/4571/ It's good... but it's very loud! Now, installing this filter, try again. Much better :p

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