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post #7182 :: 2007.09.19 1:07am
Here in the States we never had no Sinclair manufactured machines. I hear people really love them things...

Someone once told me about this music writing program for the ZX Spectrum 48K (which predates the built-in FM synthesis of later models) --

Haven't played with it yet -- but always looking for more formats to add to the world of chip compos... =9
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post #7183 :: 2007.09.19 6:05am
no comment on that Wham!.. but support for ZX Spectrum on future chipcompos could be cool. There are tons of trackers and different formats for that platform.
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post #7184 :: 2007.09.19 9:19am
Hey, if you don't mind, shoot me some infos!
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post #7185 :: 2007.09.19 12:30pm
Suh-wheat, a buzzer sequencer! I've been searching around for one of these since forever ago...sounds like it only gives you two notes of polyphony though?
Speaking of the Spectrum though, check out Vortex Tracker for the Spectrum 128K's AY-3-8912 chip, and TFM Music Maker for the TurboSound FM device expansion for the Spectrum computers. Two formats with cross-platform trackers that we don't yet support!!
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post #7186 :: 2007.09.19 1:38pm :: edit 2007.09.19 1:39pm
Our russian comrades would probably be the ones to provide the best answer (after all, russia was/is the promised land of Speccys) - but I think Protracker is one of the widely used ones.. Other I can recall out of memory are Sound tracker, Fast tracker, SQ Tracker... There were many more.

I personally use Vortex tracker tho, but it's a huge nono for those who hate mousebased tracker interfaces.

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