Lose some weight!!
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Interrobang Pie
post #52450 :: 2015.01.29 2:42am
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I don't have broadband at home right now, so I'm having to rely on my (ever dwindling) data allowance to access the site! Unfortunately it is not the best optimized (neither for actually browsing the site on a phone or in terms of its size). It's quickly becoming an actual battle of the bits!

Is it possible to get a very quickly made light-weight version of the site? Perhaps even a temporary wrapper site that parses the HTML and outputs only the essentials (text, links, maybe within a table for "formatting").

I'm less concerned about browsing speed and more concerned with how much data I'm using. I do want to be able to upload my WCX submissions without downloading 100000 anime character avatars!


Or you could just extend Winter Chip... we can't have a real BotB compo without at least one extension :^>
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post #52451 :: 2015.01.29 3:21am :: edit 2015.01.29 3:21am
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post #52458 :: 2015.01.29 5:54am
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if you want to lose some weight you could do this
, if you want to lose all weight you could do this
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post #52465 :: 2015.01.29 10:59am
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I agree that improving your home is good for losing weight!
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post #52477 :: 2015.01.29 2:20pm
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Coincidentally, I got an email from Google :

" Webmaster Tools

Fix mobile usability issues found on http://battleofthebits.org/

To: webmaster of http://battleofthebits.org/

Google systems have tested 1,660 pages from your site and found that 100% of them have critical mobile usability errors. The errors on these 1,660 pages severely affect how mobile users are able to experience your website. These pages will not be seen as mobile-friendly by Google Search, and will therefore be displayed and ranked appropriately for smartphone users."
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post #52479 :: 2015.01.29 2:55pm
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usability II: mobile usability
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post #52484 :: 2015.01.29 4:34pm :: edit 2015.01.29 4:34pm
  jowlsucks hæitd this
how to make the site more mobile friendly? puke adds a samplewars layout option
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post #52486 :: 2015.01.29 4:36pm
I guess I could give this a whirl : http://mobiledetect.net/

The biggest problem is that the site was not developed with mobile in mind. While it's possible to maybe do some hacks and remove portions of the page, to truly do it adequately will be a rather large refactor.
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post #52487 :: 2015.01.29 4:39pm
for the record, the site works fine for me on my phone (android 4.4.2)
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post #52488 :: 2015.01.29 4:49pm
As far as mobile devices like tablets and phablets, I figure the site's layout is fine. I have to admit tho, I don't enjoy using it on my iphone5.
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post #52489 :: 2015.01.29 5:39pm
i can use it well on my asus zenfone as well even though its not the most enjoyable experience, but still
i dont think ipi's problem is with the website running smoothly on the phone but the excessive data usage since he's relying on mobile connection to access the website (i think)
ipi maybe if yr phone's browser has a disable images function, that'd help i think
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post #52498 :: 2015.01.29 7:22pm :: edit 2015.01.29 7:23pm
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I don't like websites that are mobile friendly but not desktop/laptop friendly.
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Interrobang Pie
post #52516 :: 2015.01.30 4:26am :: edit 2015.01.30 4:29am
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Raph has it right! I'm worried more the amount of data I receive than how my browser formats it.

For this page alone the browser issues 83 requests and receives a total of 893KB of data (disabling cache). 9.8KB is the page itself (excluding CSS/JS). :^<

Some pointers: jQuery is currently retrieved locally rather than from from some externally hosted source
, so it will always be a cache miss on the first connection.

You can the requests made/data received yourself in your browser's console/debugger thing!

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