Article History

38% kleeder

wildchip (format)

token - wildchip

points - Chipist

file types - .mp3

max filesize - 7.5mb

description - Let your hair down =D/
Explain instrumentation in the description.
Entry should be very chiptuney! Layer chips and samples and instruments or whatever!
  1. Tools
  2. Restrictions on submit
  3. a note from puke7
  4. Accepted file format
  5. Playback (for voting)
  6. Render to MP3
Wildchip, formerly wildcard, is a format for any and all chip-sounding submissions, that should still feature soundchips in them. For FakeBit, music that sounds like chiptune but is not meant to be played back on actual hardware, there's a new format now called FakeBit. Also not to be confused with Allgear, which generally allows for any audio submission.


Anything that is able to create music for real soundchips is allowed, you may add post-processing, vocals, duplicate soundchips by using additional software.

Restrictions on submit

All chip formats featured on BotB, several chips at once, generative music on hardware etc.
Everything works, as long as a real soundchip is featured within your entry!

In any case, it's encouraged that you document your instrumentation whenever possible, either through the description (on a major) or the comments (on an OHB, and definitely if your instrumentation needs justification e.g. the use of samples)

Submitting Fakebit stuff to this format is not allowed!

a note from puke7

when I originally created Wildchip it was meant to be a category for combining things with real chips. So more chips with a chip or a live band with a chip or whatever. I would say Wildchip should continue to kind of be that... or a place to submit a chiptune that isn't available among the formats in a battle.

Accepted file format

Though it's specified that the file format must be an mp3, the format can actually be anything so long as it follows the rulesheet of the battle.
It is adviced for wildchip hosts to specify chips and required tools when hosting an OHB to avoid confusion regarding the submissions!

Playback (for voting)

For any entry that is submitted as an MP3, any media player that is capable of playing MP3 files will suffice. For any other format, refer to the original format's playback instructions for details.

Render to MP3

In the case that an entry isn't submitted as an MP3, refer to the original format's rendering instructions for details.