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voter strength


  1. Encourage Voting on All Entries
  2. Realizing Capitalism over Democracy
Voter strength has two fundamental purposes.

Encourage Voting on All Entries

The less number of entries a BotBr votes on per compo the less impact their votes have. It directly correlates to the percentage of voting. So if a BotBr votes 18 out of 18 entries in a compo their votes are counted 100% but if some registers to only vote on their friend's single track in the same compo their vote would have 5.555% the impact.

BotBrs can not vote on their own entries. Because of this participants will not reach 100% of their voting prowess. Don't worry though, the Criticists will pick up the slack!

Realizing Capitalism over Democracy

BotB has taken the stance that noobs are n00bs and their voices should be taken like a grain of salt. Although this has been controversial we must remember that BotB is an MMORPG in the works and spending time here needs to count for something. It doesn't take that long to amass points and level up anyways.

The voter strength appearing on BotBrs' barracks profile is found by adding up all the digits of their Total Points. For now this number gets divided by 5 and truncated for actual compo tallies. No one's voter strength is ever less than 1 (until you apply the voting percentage).

Battle Influence Formula: INF * (entry_count/100) * percent_entries_votable_voted_on

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