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snibbetracker (format)

token - snibbetracker

points - Chipist

file types - .snibb

max filesize - 10mb

description - snibbetracker is a fakebit tracker written in C using SDL2 by lundstroem
snibbetracker is a fakebit tracker written in C using SDL2 for Windows and Mac. It has 6 channels with changeable instruments, including custom wavetables. The main window is the tracker view, with access to the pattern view and back by using the tab key. From the pattern view, you can go to the instrument view (when the cursor is on an instrument), or set the layout of the song's patterns from here.

(these next things about controls are taken from the readme.txt, should be edited better later)

(also ''modifier'' here is ctrl or command for windows or mac)


° Global Controls
- modifier+s: go to save view
- modifier+o: go to load view
- modifier+e: go to export view.
- modifier+i: go to instrument view.
- modifier+t: go to tempo view.
- modifier+r: go to wavetable view.
- modifier+j: go to custom wave view.
- modifier+n: reset project.
- space: toggle playback.
- escape: exit current view.
- F1, F2 etc to change views.

° Track View
- return: toggle editing on/off.
- space: play/stop.
- arrow keys: move cursor.
- tab: go to pattern view.
- modifier+left/right: change octave up/down.
- modifier+up/down: move notes below cursor.
- modifier+1-9: step size.
- shift+arrow keys: make selection.
- modifier+c/v/x: copy paste or cut note (or selection).
- character keys: play notes or edit effects.
- modifier+f: toggle play cursor follow.
- home/end: go to top / bottom.
- plus/minus: transpose halfnote in selection.
- modifier+plus/minus: transpose octave in selection.
track format explanation:
a = note, b = instrument number, ccc = effects. 6 supported channels.
a b ccc | a b ccc | a b ccc | a b ccc | a b ccc | a b ccc

° Pattern View
- arrow keys: move around grid.
- plus/minus: cycle waveform, pattern numbers, active rows etc.
- return: go to instrument view (when gridcursor is at Ins 0-F)
- tab: go to track view.
- e: jump to trackview with current row position.
- m: mute track (or channel if cursor is at the top)
- x: activate/inactivate track.
- s: solo track (or channel if cursor is at the top)
- shift+up/down: paginate tracks (0-63).
- modifier+c/v: copy paste track data.
- home/end: set cursor to top / bottom.
- modifier+up/down: move rows below cursor.

° Instrument View
- arrow keys: move node.
- modifier+arrow keys: move node slowly.
- tab: cycle nodes.
- return/esc: go to pattern view.
- shift: toggle editing of envelope or effects.
- home/end: cycle instruments.