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sap (format)

Atari Pokey Chip
token - sap

points - Chipist

file types -

max filesize - 10mb

description - 4 chan mode only!! stereo SAP is a hack
recommended player for playback - SAP Player
The .SAP (Slight Atari Player) Format is a file that contains music data for the Atari POKEY sound chip.

There are a whole bunch of tools that can play .SAP files. ASAP and SAP Player are two popular examples (there's a whole list of them Here

You can make .SAP files using Raster Music Tracker or XPMCK.

The .SAP format only allows 4 channel (mono) mode. Stereo mode is a hack, so battle entries that use this should therefore be submitted in sapx2 or Wildchip catagories.

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