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97% Soiled Bargains

sample (format)

audio sample
token - sample

points - Samplist

file types - .mp3

max filesize - 750kb

description - must be original content!
files no larger than 750kb
Samples are snippets of audio that are used in music. They can be in a song unaltered, remixed, or, as to create an instrument of sorts, pitch-shifted as done in trackers. Samples can and should be anything, and may be of any reasonable length. Exercise your own judgment in keeping the file size within the limit in addition to the content of the sample.

Uploading WAVs, though incomparably accessible compared to other formats, is strongly discouraged, especially in remix battles such as Detroit (Major Battle series). No extension check is done with this format, which allows for what may be more relevant formats, such as tracker instrument files, to be uploaded without adding a false extension.