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mptm (format)

token - mptm

points - Mixist

file types - .mptm

max filesize - 10mb

description -
  1. Extra features not found in IT
  2. mptm exclusive effect commands
mptm is OpenMPT's own format, based on the .it (impulse tracker) format. It is currently in development, but it adds several features to the impulse tracker format. Some of those features include custom sample tuning (ex: non 12-tet tunings), parameter control events (for VST control), multiple pattern sequences, standard tempo (Modern) (as opposed to "tracker tempo"), tempo swing, and some special effects commands. It is strongly encouraged to use VSTs with mptm as the most can be utilized out of them, given OpenMPT's VST capabilities.

Extra features not found in IT

- custom sample tuning
- parameter control events
- multiple pattern sequences
- standard tempo (as opposed to tracker tempo)
- tempo swing (allows you to control how much time each row gets, similar to grooves in 0cc-famitracker but not as flexible)
- high pass filters (.it only has a lowpass (cutoff) and a resonant filter)
- externally save samples (rather than inside the module, treat a module like a project file rather than a self-contained file)

mptm exclusive effect commands

Note that all .it effect commands are legal in .mptm

- - \xx Smooth MIDI Macro (like Zxx but reduces clicking)
- S7D Force Pitch envelope (turn on the pitch/filter envelope and use pitch mode)
- S7E Force Filter envelope (turn on the pitch/filter envelope and use filter mode)
- :xy SDx+SCy (note delay + note cut)
- #xx Parameter extension (extends the parameter field of the previous command)

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