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mptm (format)

token - mptm

points - Mixist

file types - .mptm

max filesize - 10mb

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The Open MPT format, .mptm, is the own tracker module format for OpenMPT. It is derived from the .it module format but adds new features such as custom tunings, random filters, accurate tempos, parameter control events, and the use of the :xy, (combined SDx and SCx), #xx (parameter extension) and \xx (smooth macro) commands.


Modplug/OpenMPT for everything.


Effect Commands
The effect commands for .mptm are the same as the effect commands in .it. See ImpulseTracker Effects Commands for a complete (????) listing of these commands.

A few more effects are added in the .mptm format.

\xx - Smooth Macro. This command is a smoother version of the Zxx command which does not click unlike the the Zxx command.

#xx - Parameter Extension. Extends the parameter of a Pattern Break (Cxx), Offset (Oxx) or Tempo (Txx) command. If placed below such a command, the parameter values are combined. If there is only one #xx command below the actual command (this is the limit for Cxx and Txx), the parameter of the original command is multiplied by 256 and the parameter of the #xx command is added. For the Offset command, up to four rows can be combined. The last row is then multiplied by 1, the row above it is multiplied by 256 (100h), the row above that row is multiplied by 65536 (10000h), and so on.

:xy - Combined Note Delay and Note Cut. Delays note for x ticks and cuts after y ticks.

S7D - Force pitch envelope.
S8D - Force cutoff filter envelope.

oxx - Volume column sample offset. Sample offset command for the volume column. Offset at xx*2048.

Custom Tunings
Unlike .it, it is easy to create custom tunings. Go to the Instruments tab and find the a drop down menu that says "Alternative tunings". Here, you can change the current tuning of an instrument by inputting ratios of each "note", implement letter sequences for each note, specify octaves per note, and more!

In the menu bar at 'View/Find OpenMPT Hacks' you can find non-standard modifications that will only work for .mptm.

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