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59% Jangler

mod64k (format)

64k tracker module
token - mod64k

points - Mixist

file types - .mod .s3m .xm .it

max filesize - 64kb

description - recommended player for playback - XMPLay
mod64k is a variant of the s3xmodit format that limits module file size to 64K. This is the only mod*k format that awards Mixist points.

Words of wisdom from iamgreaser:

This is the part where you don't bother with chip samples and instead focus all your might on sounding good. Because 64k really is impossible to fill with only 8k of samples (unless you're using .xm, and/or are foolish and/or unaware enough to leave 16-bit and/or stereo samples in).

64k is plenty when you have 64 channels.

However, if you manage to fill 64k of decent pattern, good job.