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maxYMiser was designed by gwEm
, whose rugged handsomeness is known across the globe.

maxYMiser is a YM2149 tracker for the Atari ST. It can be used on a wide variety of hardware Atari ST machines and has DMA sample capabilities.



maxYMiser is free, features a full MIDI implementation, and easy to use FastTracker II style editing.

Here's a demo

Quick set up

Download here: maxYMiser donload

documercial part 1 of 3

documercial part 2 of 3

documercial part 3 of 3

Fantastic in-depth tutorials by gwEm
(including history of software-powered chip hacks on Atari ST and how to achieve them in maxYMiser)



- aym (format)

gwEm works on it himself, you can contact him here

See also

- aym (format)
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