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mariopantse (format)

Mario Pants Extended
token - mariopantse

points - Mixist

file types - .sho

max filesize - 10mb

description - the best pants
Mario Pants Extended is a format which was introduced in Spring Tracks III. This format is identical to Mario Paint, with the exception that the "extension" option in the mariopants
program can be used. This extends the limit from only 32 bars to 960 bars (or in 4/4, 24 bars to 720 bars). This option is enabled by pressing F9. Doing this will cause the scroll bar to become highlighted in red. At this point, the length of the song may be chosen by pressing "Y" and clicking somewhere on the staff after the normal end of the song (at 32 bars by default). Pressing F9 again will shorten the length again to 32 bars (but it will not delete any of the work you did after that mark, to recover it simply press F9 again).

Extended mariopants cannot be opened in the original mario paint since this is a mariopants specific feature (therefore the use of this feature is not allowed in mariopaint battles, those must be 24 4/4 measures or 32 3/4 measures or less)

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