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100% kleeder

fakebit (format)

token - fakebit

points - Mixist

file types - mp3

max filesize - 7.5mb

description - Its chiptune if you say it is! A bit of pulsewave or a tinge of fm twang or not!
  1. Tools
  2. Restrictions on submit
  3. a note from puke7
  4. Accepted file format
  5. Playback (for voting)
  6. See also
FakeBit, first appereance in Summer Chip X, is a format for any and all chip-sounding submissions that are not made on and for a real soundchip.

Not to be confused with Allgear, which generally allows for any audio submission and Wildchip, which allows submission of real soundchip entries.


Being a general use Chipist format, anything that can compose, arrange, and mix chip music from scratch will do for this format.

Restrictions on submit

Generally, the resulting submission must at least be a piece of audio or something that can be played back as audio. The differentiating factor between this format and Allgear is that, it must at least adhere to an aesthetic of chiptune which is potentially open to Criticists' interpretation. The difference between this format and wildchip is that fakebit is especially for chip-sounding music that cant be played back on a real soundchip. Using real hardware only for this format is illegal.

a note from puke7

Fakebit is.... uh..... not really caring about traditional chiptune limitations whether that be the low pitch resolution of very early chips or a limit on channels. It allows the use of any and all effects on your instrumentation (so if you want an nes triangle with lots of delay and reverb cool!). But also you could use fancy 8-pole filter on a 8-note chord voicing with each of those voices having 6 sawtooth waves. Perhaps this format is superfluous. Perhaps it should give mixist points.

Accepted file format

Submitting .mp3 is the way to go for this format.

Playback (for voting)

For any entry that is submitted as an MP3, any media player that is capable of playing MP3 files will suffice.

See also

- allgear (format)
- wildchip (format)