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  1. Boxes
  2. Current Services
  3. Miscellaneous tips, tricks, and documentation
  4. Plans for Future Stuff
is a website and collection of *nix boxes, primarily for botbr use and utility. This article details's services and what it's currently being utilized for!

The two admins are its founder, R3M and his partner-in-crime, electronoob.


This list details every node of the network. Nodes are connected on a VPN.

  • The primary server, nicknamed Scrub, runs Fedora, lives in New York, and hosts botbr webpages, and is the hub of the project. When you use '' to describe a box, you usually mean this one.

  • The second server, located at
    and nicknamed Zombi, runs Ubuntu. It currently serves as a mirror of Scrub's public HTML, and lives in France.

  • The third server, located at
    and nicknamed Parasite, runs FreeBSD. It is located in California.

  • The fourth server, located at
    and nicknamed Mummi, runs CentOS. It is located in Quebec.

  • Current Services

  •'s primary function is in its web hosting. Upon account creation, botbrs are given a public_html directory to put their web-facing stuffs in! There is PHP support, along with MySQL (ask)

  • has a mumble server, port 64738. The password is 'peeforce'.

  • It also has a thin-client local chat thing. Type `geektalk` to check it out!

  • currently has programming support for C, C++, Go, Perl, Python, Ruby, node.js, and Lua! I'm probably forgetting some.

  • Common utilities, such as screen, tmux, bsdgames, etc, are installed. If you want something installed, don't hesitate to ask!

  • Miscellaneous tips, tricks, and documentation

  • Type `this` at the command line. I dare you.

  • `qdb` at the command line burps out a random >1 quote.

  • Plans for Future Stuff

  • Full https for every box.

  • Email service

  • weird muck thing?

  • game servers

  • bsd/exotic box