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boom (format)

Boom Map
token - boom

points - Mappist

file types - .wad

max filesize - 10mb

description - custom level(s) for Boom-compatible Doom clones
  1. Features
  2. Tools
  3. Restrictions on submit
  4. See also
Boom is a source port created by TeamTNT for the game Doom. Boom is the only other format besides Doom, which is giving Mappist Points.


- No engine limits
- Configurable animated and switch textures.
- Deep water effects.
- Scrolling walls, floors, and ceilings, including support for conveyor belts.
- Translucent walls and sprites.
- Friction effects, such as mud and ice.
- Custom colormaps (which can provide, for example an underwater blue "tint").
- Silent teleporters, which can be useful for fake "room over room" effects.
- Elevators which move the floor and ceiling of a sector together.
- Generic linedef types - a particular linedef behaviour can be "calculated" using a separate linedef calculator program called TRIGCALC.EXE.
- A DeHackEd extension standard, BEX.


, a cross-platform Doom map editor
Doom Builder
, a Doom map editor for Windows
Doom Wiki
, a wiki for Doom-related information
Ultimate Doom

Doom II

Restrictions on submit

Submission must be a .wad-file compatible with Boom.

See also

Boom-Page on the official Doom-Wiki

doom (format)