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ahx (format)

Amiga .AHX
token - ahx

points - Chipist

file types - .ahx

max filesize - 48.0kb

description - recommended player for playback - XMplay with AHX plugin
  1. Tools
  2. Restrictions on submit
  3. Accepted file format
  4. Playback (for voting)
  5. Render to MP3
  6. See also
The ahx format is a specific format of the tracker AHX Tracker.

AHX is a tool for the Commodore Amiga, used for creating synthesized 4-channel chiptunes which emulate the sound of the Commodore 64. Please note that ahx does not emulate an actual SID chip, it just attempts to sound like it.


Recommended editors
- AHX Tracker (Amiga)
- HivelyTracker (Windows; beware that not all functionality is allowed!)

Recommended players/converters
- xmplay plugin
- commandline replayer
- commandline replayer v1.8
(Windows, Amiga OS4, Mac OSX)
- HVL2WAV commandline converter
(Windows, Amiga OS4)
- Droidsound
(chipmusic mediapayer for Android, also can export them as ringtones)

Restrictions on submit

The entry must be created and saved in the .ahx format

Accepted file format


Playback (for voting)

- HivelyTracker
- WinAHX
for playback on Windows.

Render to MP3

- HVL2WAV commandline converter
(Windows, Amiga OS4)

Use converter of choice to go from .wav to MP3.

See also

- Format
- AHX Tracker