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ahx (format)

Amiga .AHX
token - ahx

points - Chipist

file types - .ahx

max filesize - 48.0kb

description - recommended player for playback - XMplay with AHX plugin
  1. Tools
  2. Accepted file format
  3. Render to MP3
  4. See also
The ahx format is a specific format of the tracker AHX Tracker.

AHX is a tool for the Commodore Amiga, used for creating synthesized 4-channel chiptunes which emulate the sound of the Commodore 64. Please note that ahx does not emulate an actual SID chip, it just attempts to sound like it.


Recommended editors
- AHX Tracker (Amiga)
- HivelyTracker (Windows; beware that not all functionality is allowed!)

Recommended players/converters
- xmplay plugin
- commandline replayer
- commandline replayer v1.8
(Windows, Amiga OS4, Mac OSX)
- HVL2WAV commandline converter
(Windows, Amiga OS4)
- Droidsound
(chipmusic mediapayer for Android, also can export them as ringtones)

Accepted file format


Render to MP3

- HVL2WAV commandline converter
(Windows, Amiga OS4)

Use converter of choice to go from .wav to MP3.

See also

- Format
- AHX Tracker