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Welcome, ye n00b that seeketh to become most learned. In this vast hall, you shall findeth a variety of articles which do not pertain directly to tools or formats. Rather, you will find more general information to help you exceed as an artist and succeed as sentient life form.

Should you find yourself adding new articles to this list, please follow the presented format. Articles shall be in alphabetical order under their appropriate heading, with a subscript giving a brief description. Should an article not be in a complete or near complete state, add a [UC] for Under Construction to the right of the article title.

Below, you shall find a variety of headings. May they guide ye to teh knoledj ye seek.



*Guitar Pedals and YOU
A rundown on the wild and wonderful world of guitar pedals

*Intro to Subtractive Synthesis
Introduction to the elements of subtractive type synthesizers

Music Theory/Composition

*I Am New To Harmony
Introduction to harmony, chords, and chord progressions

*I Am New To Music Theory
A wide variety of information related to music theory

*In regards to Flow and its applications in music composition
Using creative forward momentum and activity to increase musical productivity

*Music Theory - Case Examples and Analysis [UC]
Learn to analyze music pieces with general music theory





*I Am New To Pixeling
A swath of pixel art information with a focus on games





A language developed by BotBrs, for BotBrs

Creative Writing

*I Am New To Poetry and Writing Lyrics [UC]
Overview of verbal/written language with lead in to poetry and lyric writing

*Writing Exceptional Characters
Quick guide to writing characters with depth


*Maximizing Artistic Productivity
Lessons to learn on how to improve your artistic productivity for any medium


Mental Health

Physical Health

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