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SunVox is a semi-modular tracker for Windows, OSX, Linux, iOS, PalmOS, and Windows Mobile created by Alexander Zolotov, also known by his alias NightRadio.
It can be found at his website


  • Modular synthesis with a wide variety of built-in synthesizers and effects, including waveform, sample-based and FM synthesis for generators, and echo, filter and vocal filter effects.
  • Unconventional user interface that allows easy mapping between instruments, effects, and sound output.
  • Support for custom modules via MetaModules.
  • Realtime sample and note recording.
  • MIDI, XM and MOD importing.
  • MIDI and multitrack WAV export.
  • Many supported operating systems, even including portable devices!! (older versions on some)

Format Creation

Windows; Linux; Mac OS X; Windows Mobile; PalmOS; Maemo; Meego; iOS; Android
*.sunvox; *.mid; *.xm; *.mod
*.sunvox; *.wav;

Software in italics are recommended.
Output filetypes in bold are acceptable for submission on BotB.

Format Playback

Windows; Linux; Mac OS X; Windows Mobile; PalmOS; Maemo; Meego; iOS; Android

Software in italics are recommended.

Quick set up

Donload here: SunVox donload

Configuration depending on platform. For Windows it's an easy unzip & run.
Preferences are in icon in top left of window.

You'll start with a dialogue asking for desired theme coloring. Choose and change if you want, 'cancel' to continue.

File menu is in top left of window, pattern editor on the right.

Modules are inserted by right-clicking. Double clicking the module gives you its properties to edit.

The module effects editing takes place to the left of the module window.

Timeline is below module window (Desktop version only)
Timeline button on module window to switch (Mobile only)

Tips and tricks

FM bell:
- Make FM instrument, set carrier and modulator attacks to 0, set C.Mul to 1 and M.Mul to 5 (adjust these to suit), set feedback to 16 and M.Vol to 8, make adjustments as you feel appropriate.
- Feed into a Filter (LPF mode) with about a 3000Hz cutoff.
- Feed into Vibrato with about 5 amplitude.
- Feed into an LFO with about 90 (2d00) power and about 200 (0c72) freq.
- Feed into a Flanger with a long delay and some extra feedback.
- Feed into a Delay for extra stereo.
- Feed into an Echo.

Strings / Brass:
- Make analogue generator, set to saw (strings) OR use dirty and an exponential pinch waveform (brass - will require extra tweaking!). Adjust attack and decay to suit.
- Feed into Vibrato with about 50 (0311) freq.
- Feed into Vibrato with about 5 amplitude.
- Feed into Reverb with 0 dry, 100% wet, and about 70 (4600) room width.

Reese Bass:
- Make an Analog Generator, set to Saw/Square/Drawn
- Tweak the Analog Generator with Freq2 at about 970-999 (3E15)
- Feed the Gen into a Vibrato
- Feed the Vibrato, AND the Generator together into a Filter
- Tweak the filter to have around halfway Resonance, and a low enough Frequency (around 500-600hz)
- Feed into a WaveShaper
- On the WaveShaper, make sure the most left bar is not present, but mess around with the rest of the linear volume curve


- Sunvox (format)

The developer seems to work by himself, contact is possible through his website

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