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Stocker is one of the (really many) zxbeep (format) engines coded by Shiru. If you're familiar with Special FX, Stocker pretty much has the same feel. Except now it has some cream poured on the top, such as slides, arpeggios and even proper volume control! It still has two channels, though.

All those features are supported via Vortex Tracker II's text import, so you might need to learn this one before diving into the heck of it. We've even got a separate article for that, in case if you're wondering, and it's called I Am New To AYM.

Possible Inspirations For You

Stocker is... not quite popular among beeper musicians, so all you're left with is Shiru. A particular example would be Magic Tokens
, a game that uses Stocker music when the engine itself was on its' pubertate period. Although given that you've got most of the potential of VTII, you can lift some experience from the songs made in there.


Stocker music can also be played on Atari XL's video chip, GTIA, thanks to one of many converters by xxl.

See Also

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