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Here at BotB, we are all n00bz, and n00bz can make mistakes sometimes. However, certain behavior goes above and beyond the average n00bitude to be expected from BotBers. To act in such a way is to be a SCRUB, and being a scrub is a big no-no here at BotB.

Confused? Here is a general description of scrublike behavior. A scrub is:

Underhanded, and

Still confused? Here are some examples of what not to do:

Deliberately attempting to break the site in any way is scrublike behavior.
Using any site exploit for personal gains is scrublike behavior.
Submitting a 5 second music entry to a major battle is scrublike behavior.
Manipulating votes for personal gains or to attack others is scrublike behavior.
Adding 30 non-informative tags to an entry is scrublike behavior.

Once afflicted with the scrub ailment on BotB, the scrub:

Can NOT edit the Lyceum.
Can NOT tag entries.
Can NOT bump threads.
Has their influence vastly lowered.


Q: I've been scrubified! What do I do?
A: First of all, naughty! Secondly, cease scrublike behavior immediately. If you are able to stop acting like a scrub, you will be un-scrubed by an admin at their discretion. If you are NOT able to stop acting like a scrub, feel free to piss off. You will not be welcome at BotB.

Q: How will I know if I am being a scrub or not?
A: Simple! Just follow the guidelines here and use your common sense and you will never be a scrub. Don't have any common sense? This is a major symptom of being a scrub, please consult with your doctor.

*Special Note*
BotB IRC and the main site are usually policed separately. However, act like a scrub in IRC and it WILL be noted. BotB is always watching.

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