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Long story short, One Hour Battles are what you would call realtime competitions on craaaack! :D

As the title implies, if you've decided to participate in this compo, make sure you hash it out and submit it in less than one hour! Although that's how long the entry period takes, the entire battle actually takes about 90 minutes from initial five-minute announcement to the public results unveiling.

Unlike the majors, OHBs take place sporadically - and always by a suggestion in the chat containing the words: "can anyone host an OHB?" Mind you that this request doesn't always work, because...

To host an OHB for a specific format, a BotBr must have participated in at least 7 majors or OHBs of that specific format and earned the badge of said format. As of June 6, 2017, Mighty BotBrs that have 7 or more format badges on their belt, as well as any Ascended BotBr, can host any format available on the site. There is also a 750 boon deposit required. If fewer than 3 BotBrs participate in the OHB, the deposit will not be returned. At all. Don't even ask, BotB's gonna get greedy at you. >:(

A host must provide a bitpack for the OHB.This could be a .txt file containing rules or a theme for the OHB (eg. write a song using only the notes C, D, F, G and B), or a sample pack, which is often the case for some formats (eg. s3xmodit, remix etc).

Unlike other formats, Mario Paint OHBs usually give between 30-45 minutes of composing time (chosen at random by botb), instead of the full hour (which means they aren't really OHBs, I guess).

After the OHB's ended, all the participants will get the loot: host will get hostist points, entrants will get OHBist and *category here* points, the voters will get criticist points. Entrants that hit top 3 get the shiny medals, the four follow-ups get tincans, the rest get a free tank of the overpriced fresh Hymalaian air as a compensation. Simple as that! \ ^.^ /

Anyone who's registered on BotB can take place in these! For bonus points, check out our cosy IRC channel, where folks tend to hang out when OHBs are going on. It's a great way to socialize, have fun, and get some feedback on the rules in case things aren't quite so clear. Give it a whirl!


- Be anonymous - resist (by resist we mean DO NOT) to put your name into any of the entries you do for an OHB.

- If you don't get in time, you can always use our escape chute we'd like to call "Submit Late" - just add "/Submit" without quotes at the end of the OHB page (make sure you put in capital S or else it doesn't work rip in piece). There's a price for using it, though - depending on how many seconds you've got late, you get a corresponding voting point penalty (1 point per minute), so make sure you actually conserve every second of the compo period!

- Reuploading an entry is allowed, but each reupload leads to a five Mixist/Chipist/Pixelist/whatever-the-compo's-about point penalty, which is, on the other hand, not even half bad, given how many points you have to grind yourself for a new level (and how much you lose then). OHBist points are not penaltized in that case.

- All entries should be original works - no covers or previously uploaded entries are allowed (in case of former - they MIGHT be allowed if it's set by the rules, and it mostly doesn't stretch farther than OHB songs). Ideally the songs composed should have been composed specifically for the OHB and not pre-composed at an earlier time...

See Also

OHC - original "One Hour Compo" article with more details

OHB is the new terminology; updating of the page in the making. See for more info also OHC but that page will be deleted! Make sure all references are to OHB instead!