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OHB, shorthand for One Hour Battle, is one of the main battle types available on BotB. It was formerly known as OHC, meaning "One Hour Compo". As the name implies, participants of these competitions are required to create an entry in one hour. Unlike major battles, One Hour Battles occur on a sporadic basis and can be hosted by any user granted that they meet the requirements (detailed below in the "How to Host" section). Every OHB has a bitpack—this can be either a set of samples that must be used in entries or a simple text document detailing the rules and limitations that must be adhered to. In total, an OHB typically lasts for about an hour and a half or so, since entries must be voted on after the entry period concludes.

Battle Stages

Countdown Period
Once this phase begins, the battle and its format are announced on the main page of the website, the @botb_battles
Twitter page, and in the BotB IRC channel
. By default, it lasts for five minutes, but can be made shorter or longer by the host. The purpose of this countdown is to inform all BotBrs of the impending battle so that they have time to both finish whatever they may be currently doing and to prepare themselves to participate. Once the timer reaches zero, the entry period begins and the bitpack is made available.

Entry Period
The entry period starts right after the countdown period ends. The bitpack is made available, informing BotBrs of the rules and/or required samples for the battle. It is during this time that participants create and submit their entries. Creating entries before the battle is deeply frowned upon and will most likely result in downvoting by other users during the voting period. The entry period lasts exactly one hour, but entrants can still submit after it ends. By submitting late, entrants will incur a point penalty on their final voting score depending on how many seconds late they are. Participants can also resubmit an entry, but they will lose five class points (the point category depends on the format of the battle).

Voting Period
In this stage, all entries are made available for download in the votepack. Voters download this zip archive and inspect each entry within; entries can then be scored on a simplified voting scale of one to seven (seven being good and one being bad). Some battle hosts also host a "synclisten" during this period—this is when all entries are played on a streaming site such as YouTube or Twitch where voters can discuss their thoughts on each track in the chat. Like major battles, any registered user of the site is allowed to vote. The score that voters give to entries may be based upon quality, opinion, how well the entry used the provided samples, or how well it followed the given rules. Unlike major battles, every entry is anonymous until the battle's conclusion, so you cannot see who created which entry when voting. The voting period can vary in length, as the battle host chooses when to end it; usually it concludes once everyone has voted.

Once the OHB host ends the voting period, all votes are weighted according to voter strength and averaged together. Results are typically announced by the battle host in the IRC/Discord channel before being made available on the website. The top three entrants are given gold (
), silver (
), or bronze (
) OHB trophies that appear on their profile. BotBrs can also see who made which entry, examine the scores given by each voter, view the IRC log during the OHB, and upload MP3 renders of entries.

How to Enter

Participating in an OHB is fairly simple, and not unlike entering any major battle. Each OHB has a single format; make sure to submit your entry the correct format or you will be downvoted during the voting period. Once the battle commences, take a look at the bitpack—this can be a set of samples or instruments that you are required to use, or simply a text file containing rules or restrictions that you must keep in mind when creating your submission. Once you've taken a look at it, you can begin your creative process. After you've finished or run out of time, you can submit your entry on the OHB's page. If you go over the allotted one hour, you can still submit late, but there will be a penalty on your final score (-1.000 point loss per minute). When you submit, make sure that it is anonymous—don't accidentally put your username in the filename! Also make sure that your entry is an original work; covers or previously-created entries are not permitted unless specified by the rules within the bitpack. If you realize that your uploaded entry has a mistake in it, you can resubmit it, but be aware that you will lose five class points as well as points on your voting score if the entry period is over.

How to Host

To host an OHB, there are four requirements that you must meet:
  • Have at least 750 boons. (You will get these back if three or more people participate in your battle.)
  • Have a badge for the format that you want to host.
  • Have made a bitpack for the battle.
  • Be in the site's IRC/Discord channel.

Alternatively, Mighty BotBrs with seven or more badges in total as well as Admins and Ascended BotBrs can host an OHB with any format regardless of having a badge for the format.

If you meet those requirements and want to host, there are also a few things to keep in mind:
  • Do not put offensive content in the bitpack or OHB title.
  • Do not put web links in the OHB title.
  • Make sure that you will have three or more participants in the battle. If less than three people enter, then you will lose the 750-boon deposit and will not receive hostist points. To prevent this, communicate with others in the IRC/Discord channel to ensure that there is enough interest.
  • Try to be creative with your bitpacks—make your OHBs interesting! OHBs are meant to be challenging and allow for creativity, so don't do the same thing over and over.
  • During the voting period, make sure that everyone has time to vote by communicating with voters in the Discord/IRC channel. Let everyone who wants to vote do so, then close the battle and reveal the results when everyone is ready. If you are unable to close the battle due to lack of time or other issues, inform an admin so that they can close it for you.

If you don't meet the requirements yet still want to have an OHB, don't fret! If you ask for an OHB in the IRC/Discord channel, then someone who is eligible may host one for you. Admins (
), Mighty BotBrs (
) with seven or more format badges, and Ascended BotBrs (
) can host a battle in any format. Other users can host OHBs, but only for the formats that they have badges for.

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