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is, so far, a free native NES tracker in development by 'old' timer NES developer Neil Baldwin.

He's commented on this dutycyclegenerator why he decided to make it, and we're just glad that he went on to make it! This might not be the very first HARDWARE based nintendo tracker avaialble but's definately worth checking it since it was developed with a music making mindset, and according the developer, the tool will save no memory cycles for little grafics or other code but MUSIC.

On 09 Mar 2010, it was announced that with Arduino, NTRQ users will be able to sync their NTRQ track with LSDJ.

So far, it's not clear whether a .nsf saving feature will be added, but since it'll work on hardware, you're (not yet) guaranteed your work will work on PAL-European and ntsc consoles (?)

Currently on the beta testing phase. To keep an eye on, you nitroqueers!


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