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Lyceum TODO list


  1. The whatsits
  2. In progress
  3. DONE
  4. won't do

The whatsits

- List of trackers and Tracker can be sorted out better. Tracker describing the definition of tracker, different types etcetera. List of trackers would be an attempting to be complete list, were you can follow the BotB articles in case there is a link.

In progress

- consolidate articles about similar or identical topics (e.g. OHC/OHB) --> list of pages to be deleted
- trim the fat; make articles more concise and directly useful --> Lyceum Usage has been updated. Progress on completion is not really recored tho.


- PlugBot documentation -->PlugBot
- add clear and concise rules documentation for each format --> Lyceum Usage has been updated. Article categories are described too.
- sorted out dead links from Tracker
- Game boy on gameboy classic should be written.

won't do

- remove redundant "see also" links --> "See also" section is considered usefull now, so it is agressively added to each page :D