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Lyceum TODO list


  1. The whatsits
  2. To be updated continuously
  3. DONE
  4. won't do

The whatsits

- List of trackers and Tracker can be sorted out better. Tracker describing the definition of tracker, different types etcetera. List of trackers would be an attempting to be complete list, were you can follow the BotB articles in case there is a link.
- OHB needs more stats (or does it??)
- Atari needs a better structure
- Atari ST (console) more information, better linked to Atari
- AY YM (soundchip) better linked to Atari
- create article on atari amy
- athtune needs table of content and stuff
- Bit needs moar text !!!!!
- BoobieSqueezer is incomplete
- BotB needs more information about BotB 1.0 and 2.0 stuff, also compare to BotB 2.0 and threads
- GameBoy Advance needs more information
- Glossary needs a total remaster
- In regards to Flow and its applications in music composition needs a rewrite
- Phaser1 is incomplete
- sid (format) is "under construction"
- Tracker Effects Master List should finally be finished
- Trilo Tracker is "under construction"
- vcv_rack (format) needs video tutorial links and maybe moar information
- vic20 (format) needs replaced links (currently pointing to forum posts (lyceum articles are better))
- Vortex Tracker II same here
- IRC needs better formatting
- Article on Chip Champions Challenge (linking to Hall of Completionists)
- Synclisten Article

- every article in Construct Manifest-category needs to be updated, maybe organized better
- merge BotB Ideas from forum threads into Construct Manifest

To be updated continuously

- Battle/#Battle Series - add major battle series article and add it to list, if a major gets a sequel
- Format - if a new format is added, add it to this list as well
- List of Icons - if new icons are added
- OHB/#Stats - every new year of OHB Stats


- PlugBot documentation -->PlugBot
- add clear and concise rules documentation for each format --> Lyceum Usage has been updated. Article categories are described too.
- sorted out dead links from Tracker
- Game boy on gameboy classic should be written.
- consolidate articles about similar or identical topics (e.g. OHC/OHB) --> list of pages to be deleted
- trim the fat; make articles more concise and directly useful --> Lyceum Usage has been updated. Progress on completion is not really recored tho.
- BotBr Classes should contain rare class types as well

won't do

- remove redundant "see also" links --> "See also" section is considered usefull now, so it is agressively added to each page :D