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R.I.P. Joogle 2012-2015


is a nickname for a section of Jangler
's website that displays statistics about BotB. Each BotBr who has submitted an entry or voted on an OHC has a corresponding profile page on Joogle that displays information such as voting distribution, badge progress, and silly D&D-inspired stats. Joogle also features a powerful "list" page that enables dynamic sorting, filtering, and stat display of BotBrs via URL parameters.

Joogle's raw data set is also available in JSON format if you want to play around with it yourself!

How it works

Joogle's is powered by Python and suspicious-but-effective regular expressions. Joogle is limited in the types of data it can collect since it only examines battle results and votelog pages from BotB, but it aims to be 100% accurate in its data collection.

Note that Joogle is updated frequently, but not automatically after every battle. If the data on the website looks outdated, just bonk Jangler about it on IRC!.

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