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Internet Relay Chat, or IRC is the medium where BotBrs chat about Battle of the Bits, music, art, chips, or any other various topics!

Come be idle... or come and chat!! :D/

Directly in your browser, click 'Chats'
at the top of the page!

Server Information #botb
EsperNet's website

or if yer lazy, then you can always use teh webchat client

What is an IRC Client??

An IRC Client is a standalone program which can be used to communicate with an IRC Server.

Some Various IRC Clients
- Windows
HexChat (only use the 32-bit version on Windows)
- Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
- Windows (pay), Mac OS X, Linux
- Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, BSD
- Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
- Linux
- Linux
- Windows
- Windows

mIRC tutorial

For teh n000bs with Wind0hz...

download, install & run mIRC

hit ALT-R and you'll get a little window
insert the following code ::

on 1:START: { /server }
on 1:CONNECT: { if (* iswm $server) { /j #botb } }

save by clicking 'ok'

restart mIRC

Notable IRC clients for the popular operating systems:
  • mIRC
  • XChat/YChat
  • Ice Chat
  • irssi
  • BitchX
  • ChatZilla

Web based IRC clients:
  • pjirc
  • mibbit

  • mIRC commands:
    /server [server address] [port (optional)] for example: /server 6667

    IRC commands:
    /join #channelName[,#channelName2,...,#channelNameN] — Joins a channel(s) (e.g., /join #botb)
    /part #channelName[,#channelName2,...,#channelNameN] [message] — Parts a channel(s) with optional message (e.g., /part #botb all n00bz!)
    /join 0 [message] — Parts all channels.
    /me action — Displays your message as an "action". Normally written in third person.
    /msg nick text, /query nick text, or /privmsg nick text — Send a nickname a private message.

    Please be aware that the chat is public and logged during OHBs!!


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