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GameBoy Advance


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The Game Boy Advance was the successor to the Game Boy and Game Boy Color, released in 2001, and soon after succeeded by the Nintendo DS in 2004. It was backwards compatible with Game Boy and Game Boy Color games.

System Specifications

CPU: 32 bit ARM7TDMI at 16.8 MHz. 8 MHz Z80 processor for backwards compatibility.

RAM: 32kb.

Video RAM (VRAM): 96kb.

Display: 240x160 pixels.

Color Palette: 15 bit BGR, with 512 simultaneous colors in "character mode" and all available colors in "bitmap mode".

Sound: The GBA has all channels from the Game Boy (2 pulse, 1 noise, 1 4-bit waveform) plus a dual 8-bit DAC for stereo audio that must be mixed in software.

Sappy Sound Engine

Game Boy Advance games often used the "Sappy" sound engine (named by a program that could convert them to midi), which was somewhat similar to the midi standard. Some information on the engine can be found here.

Music Software

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