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Game Boy


  1. Specifications
  2. Development
  3. Competition
  4. Tools
  5. See also
Seems something went wrong in the past with removing duplicate articles? In this article the classic brick should be described, gb color, camera and format to be referenced together with trackers, as below n00b 20150311

<<Describe the history of the console and why it stands out so much (or not at all). If you find some interesting sites with communities that support the console, mention them too by referring to their site. A reference to the wiki is OK to if it gives a good overview.>>


<<describe the technical specifications (that are interesting to BotB)>>


<<meantion links here to sites/groups that deal with developments on this console. This can be handy for BotBers that would like to create tools for the console>>


<<List the formats in which this console is used. Use references to the Lyceum articles>>
<<Console>> is used in the following formats:
- <<format A>>


<<List the tools that have been developed for this console (and can be used in battles). Use references to the Lyceum articles>>
- Tool A
- Tool B

See also

<<List all related lyceum articles mentioned above. This helps keeping linked documents traceable>>
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