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A format refers to the filetype of a submission on BotB. Every battle on BotB—either an OHB or a major battle—has a required format. There are a myriad of different formats, and the allowed format or formats can vary by battle. Most of the annual major battles (such as Spring Tracks, Summer Chip, or Winter Chip) allow many different formats; in these cases, a BotBr may submit one entry per format. Submitting a file of the wrong format is considered cheating (with the exception of allgear, which has no limitations other than filesize), and will likely result in either administrative action or downvoting of the submission by criticists. Format variety exists to encourage diversity and creativity in submissions. Limitations can vary from one format to another, so it is best to refer to a specific format's Lyceum page for details; some formats are less restrictive than others.

Formats by Class

By submitting an entry to BotB, you will receive class points. There are several different classes, and the type of points that you receive will vary depending on the format of your submission. The formats are grouped below according to the class they belong to.

Chipist Formats
Chipist formats involve the creation of "chiptune" music—music that is designed to play on old video game consoles and computers. In those old devices, sound processing was typically handled by a piece of hardware called a "sound chip", hence the name of this class.
Submissions in the following formats will result in Chipist points being awarded:

Mixist Formats
Mixist formats involve the creation of sample-based music and are generally less restrictive than Chipist formats.
Submissions in the following formats will result in Mixist points being awarded:

Samplist Formats
Samplist formats involve the creation of music samples (for the bitpack) which will later be used by Mixists in Remix Compos such as Detroit.
Submissions in the following format will result in Samplist points being awarded:

Pixelist Formats
Pixelist formats involve the creation of pixel art. Palette and resolution limitations may also be considered in order to achieve results with a more "retro" feel to them.
Submissions in the following formats will result in Pixelist points being awarded:

Grafxicist Formats
Grafxicist formats involve any high-resolution visual art that is not considered pixel art.
Submissions in the following formats will result in Grafxicist points being awarded:

Mappist Formats
Mappist formats involve the creation of custom levels for video games. Currently, the only game supported is Doom.
Submissions in the following formats will result in Mappist points being awarded:

WebDevist Formats
WebDevist formats involve the creation of webpages using HTML and CSS. Submissions in the following formats will result in WebDevist points being awarded:

Unlocking a Format Badge

When a BotBr has submitted seven or more entries in any given format with a score of 20 or higher, they will unlock a format badge. With it, the BotBr can host an OHB in the format of the badge. BotBrs can only host OHBs in the formats that they have badges of. Mighty BotBrs with seven or more badges in total as well as Admins and Ascended BotBrs can host an OHB with any format regardless of having a badge for the format.

Upgrading Format Badges

Format badges can also be upgraded to bronze, silver, and gold with continued submissions in a format. Bronze badges are earned if a BotBr scores 20 or higher in 28 entries of that format, silver badges are earned if a BotBr scores 20 or higher in 56 entries of that format, and gold badges are earned if a BotBr scores 20 or higher in 98 entries of that format.

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