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Firki Markup


  1. Firki Syntax
  2. Firki on BotB
  3. Link Tokens
  4. Text Style Tokens
  5. Block Tokens
  6. List Tokens
  7. Firki BotB futures

Firki is an experimental lightweight markup language
which loosely resembles syntactical concepts found in both BBCode
and WikiText
. With the help of Firki the firteen writing staff could format their own articles' sense of look and style while only learning one cryptically simple markup language instead of the confusing fusion of both HTML and CSS.

Firki Syntax

There are three basic marks which are used to build a Firki token. So long as the token is formated properly Firki can translate the token into browser-understandable HTML*CSS. It should be known that Firki has very little to no error handling! :D

Teh 3 Firki Marks

'[ => opening tick mark/symbol
followed by an action identifier (aka param0)

[ => parameter separator mark/symbol
followed by the next parameter for the action

] => closing delimiter mark/symbol
ends the token

So in example --

"param0" is the action identifier for the Firki token. The following parameters are extensions or commands of said action identifier. The amount of parameters to pass in a token depends on what the action is looking for.

Some actions may have optional parameters. In the case that default settings are desired for an optional parameter then the parameter space should be empty (no spaces, nothing) between the token marks.

'[l[] =>

Firki on BotB

BotB's Lyceum uses an optimized (or, rather a stripped-down) version of the Firki markup language originally created for a CMS craptank style blog-o-sphere. It is used in place of HTML due to HTML's hackable nature. And BotB can not afford to trust no one (double negetive there =X what does it mean?!?!!?)!

URL Link


'[l[[n00b] => n00b


Link to Lyceum Article

The hyperlink will be in red if the article does not yet exist.

'[[n00b] => n00b

An additional parameter masks the article title's text.
'[[botbr[BotBrs] => BotBrs

Chapters are available as anchor links, which may be linked to using the # sign.
'[[Firki Markup#Link Tokens[Link Tokens] => Link Tokens

Text Style Tokens

override opening tick
displayed as '[




oblique / italic
'[o]oblique / italic'[/o]




Start Text Class Span
'[t[(text class)]

End Text Class Span

Available Text Classes : 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, b0, b1, b2, b3, b4, mono

NOTE :: BotB text default == Text Style '1'.
(text style '1' is slightly larger than the default one)

The [code] text class has been deprecated. The [c] markup always creates line skips somewhere and can no longer be used within a paragraph.

'[t[b0]n00b'[/t] => n00b

Block Tokens

Insert Image
Please review uploading pics for general stuff on that.


image_id => the number associated with the uploaded image
alignment => an optional parameter; working values are 'r', 'right', 'l', 'left'

'[i[10[r] =>

See also: Icons

Mark Chapter
If chapters are marked than a Table of Contents box will appear at the upper-left corner of the article which links to each chapter.


Bounds text into a fixed width box. Default width is 80px.

'[tab[woah]'[tab[that's[60]'[tab[sweets[60]'[tab[!] =>


List Tokens

unordered list
'[ul[(list item tokens here)]

ordered list
'[ol[(list item tokens here)]

list item

List items are embedded inside the list tag like so -
'[ul['[li[dingle]'[li[bar]] =>
  • dingle
  • bar

Firki BotB futures

More markups are coming. We shan't be specific until they are released in whenever patches.