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Famitracker is a Nintendo 2a03 tracker, or as the Japanese say "Niareisan". It has all sorts of neat features and a really comfortable design based on FastTracker II.

FamiTracker is teh piss in the pants of all BotBrs -- (makes us feel all warm and moist) :D

Famitracker Website


- Expansion chip support (Currently MMC5, VRC6, FDS, VRC7, N163 and remember kids it is not called N106)
- Up to 4 effect columns
- 3 tracker editing styles (FastTracker II, MODPlug tracker and Impulse tracker)
- *.WAV export
- *.NSF export
- *.ASM export (only in latest beta)
- Custom saving work file format (FTM)
- Midi input keyboard support and broken Midi import
- MML like instrument definition
- *.fti export (native instrument)
- Multi-track support
- Wide selection of effects through FamiTracker Effects Commands
- DMC files preview and basic edition (glitchy)

Quick set up

Famitracker donload

- Famitracker Effects Commands
- Arpeggios

Famitracker v0.4.6 Source

See also

- 2a03 (soundchip)
- FamiTracker Effects Commands
- Arpeggios
- famitracker (format)
- Tracker