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  1. Channel Commands
  2. Borken Commands
  3. PM Commands
  4. Uploading Files
  5. Viewing Uploaded Files
  6. Trivia Bot
  7. Behind the Hostmask
BotB is the multifunctional IRC Bot for the IRC channel #botb on and displays events that happen on the BotB website, such as logins, new entry uploads, BotBr level ups, and a plethora various of misc stuff.

BotB Is following the original rules of Robots as described by Isaac Asimov:
  1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.

  2. A robot must obey any orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.

  3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

Channel Commands

BotB Bot has various helpful commands.

When a link is posted, the bot will give information for that page. It will also give extra information for YouTube links. This is regardless of where the appears in the message.

"!ohc" or "!ohb" gives the current OHC status on BotB. This shows time left to submit and format of OHC. If there is more than one OHB going on at the same time, the last one to start is displayed.

"!compo" or "!battle" lists all occurring compos on BotB, as well as links to them.

"!user (string)" or "!botbr (string)" returns a URL for a BotBr's profile, where (string) is the BotBr's name.

"!entry (string)" will return a link to a BotB entry with a title/filename that contains (string).

"!pix (string)" or "!pic (string)" returns a URL for a BotBr picture where (string) is the IRC nickname of a BotBr. If you want to use a pic for your nick, ask Strobe.

"!g (string)" returns a URL for a Google
search where (string) is your search query.

"!gi (string)" or "!image (string)" returns the first image it can find related to the input (string).

"!i (string)" returns a URL for a IMdB
search where (string) is your search query.

"!levelup (botbr)" returns botbr's current level, current points, calculated points per year, estimated time to level up, estimated time to reach GRAND WIZARD STATUS of level 33, current boons, and calculated boons per year. (Note: this command takes 30-60 seconds to return anything because it is very inefficient and has to download a bunch of html data!!!!!!!!!)

"!w (string)" returns a URL for a Wikipedia
article where (string) is your search query.

"!y (string)" returns a URL for the first hit of (string) on YouTube.

"!panda" displays Panda Lyceum page.

"!chord" command deprecated, use !ultrachord

UPDATE 2013 on !chord
There is now a !ultrachord beta command that is going to replace the old !chord command.
it works like this:
!ultrachord C3 D#3 G3

This will produce a choir in C minor, you can change instruments on fly if
you set notes to "trem" "brass" "choir", choir is default.

Notes can range from C0 up to C7
if number is omitted it will pick octave 2.

"!help" or "!botb" will link you here. It's recommended to use the latter trigger as TMAnna will give you a nice wall of text if you use the former!

"!uptime" returns the uptime of the bot's machine.

Borken Commands

Beginning a message with "what is" used to return a result from Wolfram|Alpha.

Beginning a message with "interpret" used to return a result from Urban Dictionary.

PM'ing "alchemy" used to generate a ZIP'd pack of WAVs, and PM'ing "alchemydpcm" used to generate a ZIP'd pack of DMCs.

PM Commands

BotB Bot can also has some PM commands.

sending OHC_AddMe to BotB on IRC will put you on the OHC Spamlist and will highlight you when there is an ongoing OHC.

sending OHC_RemoveMe to BotB on IRC will remove your nick from that list.

OHC_End_AddMe will add you to the OHC End list, which will highlight you when there is 2 minutes left of an OHC.

OHC_End_RemoveMe will remove your nick from that list.

Memo Functions
!memo write/read number text

For example !memo write 0 "Hello there!" will be stored at place 0 in your memobook, for retrieval with !memo read 0

Uploading Files

If you DCC send a file to BotB it will display it in the main channel #botb , many file formats supported; not executables and some others.

Transcoding: Sending an NSF, AMD (AMusic Adlib), SAP, SPC, SID, and FFS file will also output a link to a converted MP3 audiofile.

Sending a .BMP file will display the original file as well as an HTML/ASCII representation of that Bitmap.

Sending a .MML file will compile it to a NSF with PPMCK and display a link to the compiled file in the channel.

Viewing Uploaded Files

For Web Interface of the uploaded files (through DCC)
go to (, or to ( to browse without frames that provides a pretty logo at the top.

Users may see what they upload by addressing the filename after the username:

For example:*user*/*filename.ext*

(Asterisks are not to be entered; but are a representation of, "enter whatever you want within the format.")

Trivia Bot

BotB has a trivia counterpart, BotB-Trivia! If you want a trivia contest, nag Strobe to have the trivia bot join another channel other than #botb .

Behind the Hostmask

The BotB Bot server runs on an i3 Sandybridge CPU with 6GB RAM.

BotB Help
BotB Terminology