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Battles are the core of BotB activity. Without battle why bit?

Battle Stages

- Bit Period - basically, that's when one or multiple BotBrs create a Bitpack, i. e. the pack of samples for everyone else to use during the battle. Or, if it's not made of samples, it's some really quick rules. This stage is more or less obvious in Detroit/Ann Arbor majors, while on OHBs or any other majors, the bit period is kept in seeeeecret entirely by the host.

- Entry Period - ah, those crazy times of creativity activity! Basically, that's when BotBrs who decided to participate in the battle create something with the help of the brand new bitpack and throw it here, via our ifty nifty submission form! For OHBs, the entry period might extend through the voting time, but, as you might have guessed, it has side effects! :o

- Vote Period - this one is a nice chance to whack up some Criticist points! As the title implies, it's when all BotBrs who have participated or not give their votes to all the entries. Once this stage is over, the results are announced. Simple.

Battle Types

There are two main types of battles on BotB. Major battles and OHBs.

Major Battles
Major battles usually take place over a month. Some older battles had bit periods but in recent majors there have not been bit periods and usually the bitpack is provided by puke7. The entry period usually lasts about 30 days. The vote period lasts around 2 weeks. In major battles, there are 5 voting categories in which BotBrs can vote in how they see fit. An entry's final score in a major battle is the average of the score it received of the 5 voting categories. The top 3 placing entries get a trophy displayed on their profile! Also, top 3 entries in each category get trophies too based on what category they won in. If a battle has multiple formats, then top 3 entries in those formats get format trophies too! So there are many chances to win trophies in major battles. If an entry places 4-7 in a voting or format they get a tincan per category placed. Any BotBr who receives any of these awards gets lots of profile points too!

The larger major battles allow botbrs to enter multiple entries in different formats while other smaller majors only allow one entry to one format. A list of every major battle on BotB can be found here.

Some kind of major battles have become a tradition of Battle of the Bits since its early ages, some of those are:
- Winter Chip
- Summer Chip
- Spring Tracks
- Detroit (Major Battle series)
- Metal (Major Battle series)
- Doom (Major Battle series)
- Produce Cover (Major Battle series)
- Usability (Major Battle series)
- Amen Sin (Major Battle series)

One Hour Battles are battles that take approximately 90 minutes to complete in entirety. BotBrs must create an entry in 60 minutes based on a bitpack and submit their entry anonymously. If a BotBr is late, they can still submit by adding /Submit to the end of the battle page url but they will lose points on their entry score depending on how late their submission is (1.000 loss per minute). Then BotBrs can vote on a simple 1-7 scale (1 is bad and 7 is good). After that, results are put up and BotBrs can see who made what entry, examine who voted what score on what entry, upload mp3 renders of their entry, and see the IRC log of the OHB.

See OHB for more details.

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