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63% Baron Knoxburry


BotBrs are given three types of Aura pnts each time they vote --
light points for voting above average
ack points for voting average
dark points for voting below average

All n00bs start with a single light, dark & ack point. =D

splitting points --
Like on Wall Street! Once any type of Aura pnts exceeds 512 all Aura pnts are halved and truncated. In a major compo it could be 18 entries x 5 categories = 90 votes. Multiple Aura pnts can be earned per single vote depending on the spread between the average vote and the BotBr's vote. Voter strength does not affect this spread.

Aura Map of Colourz

BotB references this image and probes for color via coordinates.

To find scalar coordinates --
scale = 256 / (light_pnts + dark_pnts);
x = light_pnts * scale;
y = (light_pnts + dark_pnts - ack_pnts) * scale;
if (y<1) y = 1;

BotB is watching you!! o__O

Aural Skullz

Aural Heartz

the userlist at barracks here