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AMusic v1.12


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Splendid tracker for DOS or DOSBox for creating Adlib music.



Amusic supports Soundcards or soundcards with OPL2 chips.
It needs about 200k of conventional memory and a 386 CPU, a compatible VGA
and a mouse.

This version of AMUSiC supports the following formats:

AMD - our Adlib Module format (packed and linear)
SA2 - Surprise Adlib Tracker (Verion 2)
HSC - Adlib-Tune-Format by Chicken
RAD - Reality Adlib Tracker
MOD - Protracker Modules

INS - Screamtracker Instrument
AIE - Adlib Instrument format by Ryu/D+P+S

Information about the supported song commands or keyboard shortcuts are
provided in the online help (while pressing [F1] in the editor).

Quick set up


See also

- adlib (format)
- Tracker