Level 27 chipist   
Tags Given

}:> & <:3)~ </span> <blink>dog <color=black> <font color="hot 10cc radar love 18core 1st place 2083 bpm 23 skidoo 2nd rate improv 5/4 love 541 is prime 80s a real tapir actually a narwh alfred nepal all 1s an idiot anamana anything arkanoid beckhamcore being a dick Best best arm in art best title bestlyric2012 beststrobesong better than demo better than mine bird week blue flowers???? boring boring; boris johnson brangband brap brony levin bum rusher BUNNY E:B bunny ears but but is it art cake level can't capcom cheese carrot tickle catmax gaiden CHAOSHEART chip champion chippy higashino chopstick mouse chorf chorph soundtrax cocoa comix zone commodore 64 composition corky crabapple crackle crowdsourcing crumhorn daft daggerfall damonidax david cameron no defect commands deflemask yam demoscene didnt getta vote Dm Gm F C does dog dog on a beach don't listen donkeynation dont let zan xm doom metal drug metaphor ducktales woah duffin shack dysfunction egypt 80 entrance theme Fact. fast sunn o))) fight the power floppy firefly forklift rock four chord four to floor frog prog fursuits gabber sucks geese 586 get happy gm squarez golden aks golden ass good bit at end grazer1911 grimer grund-zero guy h├Žit hap hop heartful hello hello furry era hi yourself hifi high comedy high juice high quality hiphop nex lvl hippo mating cry hippocore holygoditsloud hopefully true Hup hypercool i fancy a dog i hate u2 i lolled ice creametric ikea im proud imaedachiptuen in glorious tune inokism interplanetary o it isn't ITWASHOWIFELT FU jazz slackrabbit jelly bowl jill of jungl JMJ junk kabuki quantigon keep keep bumped keybordcat kickhoop kordz kurt angle law laze leather cop lemon Life sucks light salad LIONENGINE lovetune lub Mark Henry may i help megafloot melvins rulz ok metal mickey miau won ;P micky j minors MixOMatOsys mood-setter motorbike mum muse musestyle N.E.O. neow nickelback nintendo vii no NO SIT STILL NOT DETUNED notenoughpans occult of oh baby oh you damn robo OhhYeaah_2 olinguito city on and on one must rant one star optimal music orange orkestrla orktether panic button paw pads pc98 sex cave pixelporn PLAY IN OPENMPT plonk pokemon orange pokemon tcg pokermon pop porygon post punk post_production? protodog public domain puyo puyo quacktivist rad as heck real music retuned reverse guitar robbed of triump rpgmaker champio rulzok RUSH sacred geometry sad NES in snow sandopolis scotland sucks scrolly text sexy gadget shania twain sherry trifle shitty jazz shrinkmidi simon cowell II skwigglee skyclad slick crud smoov snap snowbeard snowdrop so you should soda jerk soft metal song song hacks song string of notes stup[id stupid swippy t-shop teh real deal that's amore the winner think this tickle prod toohard treats of rage trix enduction true songmanship ttrriisstteenndd tumblr ucayntusemyphone ugh very very good indeed very pixelly very short vileda supermop vote waff waffle rap wangan watering hole WCW wendy carpola what on earth what on earth ju who's ray why winning wtf is allgear yiffable yomby wings zan thinks this zanzan sucks zat drum beat zeevilution

Tags Received

_@_v _@r _@r _@r : o } :3 :D .it [Vargid Police] \n >:V( )E #SuePerkinsRemix 1-bit 12k 24kb 303 4-color 404 64kb 8/10 808 80s aanaaa abstract adlib advertisement all 7s alley allgear alternative rock amazang amazing ambient amigamod anal grab angry kulor animal ankh Ann Arbor IX antelope ARFs arpeggios arpfest arps arps-galore ascii asdf ass blaster asymmetrical atmospheric avatar awesome ay bacon bahh_bahh ballad ballet banana bananacore barren wuffet basdonatruestory Bashtar bass bastianesq bbsong beat beatbreaks beats bed Beeper Speaker best biased_fancore bird bit bittersweet black bg blast beats blippy blues blues scale bmt bonus beats booty bass borked breaks brick bricks brootal bungle bunny lost the m bunnygaga busy but is it art cajon cancore carrot tickle catchy cheerdafukuphipy chipstyle chirp_chirp choir chords chun li bass circle of life circus clavinet clicks comic comma splice compound time concert confusing copcore copy crazy cream creepy crescendo cruisin neopia cursed custom_music cute danger music dangerous dank dark david_cameron deathpop def defeatistcore del bueno despair detunafish detuned DetunePCM DGU dies irae dingle dinnertime dirty disco bass dismal dissonance dizzy djembe doctor what?! dogmarket dogwistle dominant donk donkore doom doom guy dorkwing duck double time DPCM DPCM masterclass DPCMnBass dracula is sad dramatic dreamy drone drum break drumrolls drums drunk drunkore duck mission ducks E:B earthbound eating surreal echoes educational egypt elevator music epic expansion fanfare fart fart FDS final fight fish factory fist fight flirt fluffy FMstyle fragmented funk funk beats funky funny_joek furry furry porn furry potter furta fusion future punk Gaussian blur gay furry porn gay kittens genius gentle giant ghostly girl power GLOSSY BODIES gold grating gravy green groove groovy gyms became 12 hacker hadoukore hanukkah HAPPYTREE FAMILY hard rock hard-chill hardcore hardpans hardstyle harpsichord hax heavy hellCIRCUSmetal hellfire hero hero sandwich heterogeneous hexture HI hifi high high notes highqualityvibe hip hop hip-mop holy honk hooah horror hunting spree i'm british I'magetu tehe imperial improv improvisation indie rock indistinct industrial inside joke intelligent it itchy + scratchy jamz jazz jazz funk jazz fusion jazzy jazzy boss jiggle jigglypuffin jungle junkhaunt Jurassic keep bumped keeping secrets keyboard keys krimsonova krunchy KurtWeill@2x l0l la mulana lava panelling lewd listicle live liveplay lo-rez loaded on LSD lofi lonely longcat is a cat longcatislong loop loopdeath loophell loopy loud love lovely LSD lurching machine magical majestic mallards manic mario paint mario ragtime martial mcdonalds mean medieval mega happy menacing meow messy metal metroid swing mid midi MMC5 mod mod24k moist in spaaace monopoly cd moody moose morerollthanasda mosquito freq mothersbaugh cok mp3 mulk multisong murder muscles MUSCLY BODIES mushmushmadness music musical chairs MUSICal conent=c muted my pants felloff neon never forget night nile nine inch gnales noise noisy none not animated nothardenough nsf nsfw nursery rhymes obviously good oddjob ohb ohc opeth orbital ostinato pads painwave pans paste paw pads pazu pedal point peek-a-boo perfect 35 perfection Perfecto pharaoh photo series piano piano clouds pimpin jamz pixel pixel pack pixelpack PLAY IN OPENMPT png pokemon pokey polyphonic pop punk pop sensibility pops porn preferring choco presto prog proggy prokeys proudness prowerpop punk purple puzzling py quiet quite popular rabble_rabble racoon radical raunchy reach for the st reggae reggaeton repeat reverb rich nys rip'n'tear ritual roar robo_lounge rock rts rude rulzok s3m sacred geometry sandwich sap savage saw Schutzstaffel scotland sucks scrambled screech scutland socks seapunk seizure semi-automatic Sex sfx shapeshiftr sheeps shinyponyta shit i roll to shootingawad short short loop shuffle shuffle shuff shy sick silly silver monkey sinister siren song slaps slow sludge smiley smooth snare rolls SNES snouttickler space space station spacey speech spinaround spongebob spooky springbok spyro squares squirty stabby staccato steady stompy story strapon strong stuff_zat_sex subtle sunsoft bass suomisaundi super super metroid suspense swine swing swing EP syncopated synth tambourine tango tarzan tatooes tektonix tempo tempest terrible tessellation textural that's it thick thrash ticket timpani tincan tiny tldr tone clusters too many pans torch song touhou tragedy trendsetter triangle lead triwankery trrauble ttyd twitter txt typical lsdj use tyrell ugly unmarketable vague confusion variety_hour vgfusion vgm vibrato vocals vrc6 wad Wak wall of chip wank warblegarble wat ze god dam f wc7 weirdo whimper whistle whydIfavdis? woah WOW WTF xm xwe is horrible yay MIDI yeah yest yiff yiff yiffcore yiffxels yo momma yomby wings zackoor zan ZAN 1 SCOTLAND 0 zan pop zan-mop zanbum zancore zandiom zanonical zanozanizazaza zanprovisation zantech zanzan zanzancore ZX spectrum