th4 D34D
Level 23 Chipist   
Tags Given

...oh #1 2 qute 2001 4:20 420 70s 80's 80s 8bit breakbeat 90s かわいい accordion Aces High acid funk action adventure alllstar almost 420 alte schule alternative alternative rock amazeballs ambient amen ancient anime arp arpfest arps artcore atmosphere avant garde avant garde funk avant-garde babymoaaan badical baroque bass solo bdass! beat beck beepy beginning is end best black metal blackmetal blastfromthepast blippy blues bluesy boss bossa nova bouncey bouncy bass breakbeat breaks bump c64 call and respons canon in c canon in D carnival castlevania catcore celtic charlottecore cheesy chill chip jazz chipstep choir cinematic clap clap classic classical club clubstep commodore contrast coosey cpu killer crazy creepy creepypasta cute cyberpunk dance dark dat bass dat bass tho dbeat death metal deflemask delicious chips! demoscene descriptioncore dezaemon 2 dillinger escape dirty disco disco-funk discowave dnb doom driving driving beat drop ear killer eastern edm eighties elderberries electro electrobit electrofunk electronica elevator music emo epic escary ethereal experimental fast fighting filterCORE fitting title flight flute fresh fun funk funky fusion garage generic glitch glitch hop goldeneye good luck goosecore got me wet great again grindcore groove groovy grunge guuud hamsters happy hard pan hardcore hardstyle hats hax heavy Heavy Metal hectic house I can't even... idm improv in tents incomplete insanity inspirational inzane Iron Maiden IST KRIEG japanese jazz jazzy john carpenter Jreddcore Judas Priest jumpstyle jungle kawaii keygen kfcore kind of jazzy kind of metal kind of music klystrap korn laid back lead lead heavy lofi loopcore loopy loud stereo made fast mario mayhem megaman Metal metal AF methpaint neo-classical new jack swing nineties nobuo chipmatsu notReallyStereo nu-funk o-okay odd odd times oldschool oops opera orch 5 orch5 oriental overkilled paint paintcore pale pants parallel PC MUSIC pentagram phase pianocore pigcore pigucore pizza club polyrhythms pop prog prog grind? progressive punk pyramid platform quack ragtime rave raw reggae relaybro rnb rock rock en español rock'n'roll rockin rocktune RPG sea64punk sega set phsrs 2 kil sethcore shadowrun short shortAF Shred shrill shrooms sick-20 ski free slappy slow slow arp smooth snow snowy snyth pop solos something sonic sonic team sounds space Speed Metal staaahp stoner strobecore style fusion sublime sweeps sweet swing synth synthpop tasty techno thats kinda jazz thick thrash tiredcore too short touching town trance trap trash neurohardc triphop trippy tv under rated underrated understated unexpected upbeat very good even! vic-20 dubstep vocal sample vox WÖW waltz warm winter WerdSickToon winter winterwildchip wintery world music wow wow chip wrong way wtf wtfbbq yuzo zelda

Tags Received

((((echo)))) 2A03 classic 4:20 4:20 winner 420 8bcore 90s ᓷ⌽⏖⌽ᓸ ू(・ิ ॄ ू(・ิ ॄ •̀_•́ ableton adventure all 7s amazing ambient AMIGA? AMIGAAAAAAAAAAAA animaniguccicore anthem arpbest arpcore arpfest arps Atari 2666 axewieldy bass beachy beat beats best Blast Processing bleep blippy bloopy breakcore brutal buzzy c700 calm castlevania chill chip destroyer chip n bass chipstep choir collab cool sfx crazy crunchy D&B d34d d34dstep dark darkstep defeatistcore defectmask deflemask deflemask nsf demo descriptioncore dirty distort dnb doritomask dreadful drill n chip dubstep duck hunt dustbep dusty record eclectic EKG empowering epic essaycore extreme swing faeries FamiTracker fart ending fartbass fast fleeky FM follincore fraud funky funkybass genesis gg grits gritty groove groovy guitar happy hifi horny idm island jazz lit liveplay loud loudleads mario paint Mega Chill MegaDrive melodic mental rave metal minusminus moar_notes mood swing moody no descriptionco no dpcm noodly not FamiTracker NSF classic OPN2 pants'n'bass pcm abuse phaser plusplus powerful prickly rap real guitars SEGAAAAAAAAAAAA segadoes shred sick slappy sleizsa duo SN76489 solos sonic soul pumping sound design sparkles speedfunk speedy stereo strobecore sweep picking fu swing tags 2 short tech af tedzakker Th4 5N35 Th4 B455 th4 D34D = WIN th4_FUNK thick thrash TIA tiatracker Tim Follin toejammy top notch uncapped unexpected style unicore variety hour variety_hour VirtuaNSF weed weed lol whammy WHERE MY DAC wii sports winner wobble wub wubs y r u so good YM2612 yngwie nsfsteen