Level 21 Mixist   
Tags Received

:( (´• Ω •`) (っ˘ω˘ς ) ): 13 13/4 194 1st place 2hu 2in1 45 45 or 6 to 4 46 7/8 8khz 96edo aaaa...!!! actual music Adlib ambient ambient-ish anime arpfest arps art ASS atmospheric atonal autofavorite awful title bad dc offset bad tenisers baroque beats beepy blues booty? boss battle bossa bouncy brass breaks bug test bugs bzzzz calm cancore cat cave cave story cavey chill chip chipstyle choir chords classic community computer generat creative title cute d dank_nugez dark delek this delet this descriptioncore detune detuned ding dong dinner dirty dissonance dizzy dog dreamy drunkcore drunkore e621core ECHOecho ending endingless experimental facecore fake boy ff1 fight fm footwork fruit fugue fun funky genesis glissando glitch good singer good title groovy guitar happy hard rock hard swing hats hax hazy idm ilkaecore illegal incomplete inpujcore intense intermission it jazz journey juke jumpy kahoot! kawei kawei desoup kid a kill me kirby klystrap laplace transfor lemmings lo-fi lofi loopy LOUD lsd dream emulat lullaby mario paint mathcore mazey melancholy mellow microtonal mii minimalism minimalist minimalistic mod moneyme moody mountains mr krabs mwah mystic n00b namecore nerdy nes samples nightmarecats no noisecore noisy not a fugue nuge odd time offbeat oh yeah omega onlinesequencer orange overdrive pads pants pastiche penis perfect 25 polar bears polyrhythms poob porn music prince of tennis progression pxtone quality qualitycore quiet rain reading reverb rhodes rock rolls rule breaker :( rulebreaker s3mml sadcore saw scary movie Schismtracker sega genesis sega tennisers shock short short as usual silence singing slow slow pants sneaky snibbetracker sorry soundtrack soup space sparkle sparkles splatoon spooky spoopy squeaky squeaks std storytelling strange stuff sued sunny sunvox sweep swing synthy take a walk tenniserscore tension test the nuge the real winner thin thing thingiverse timesig change titlecore too many touhou triangle triangle bass trianglecore tumbly twinkle unfinishedcore vaporwave variety_hour VGM vibes vocals voice voice mixing voices vomitorium vrc6 vrc7 Vtech walking weird wish techno worldly doomway zelda zuncore