Level 23 Chipist   
Tags Given

*brapppp* >:((( "footwork&a 112 13/8 199 2hu 3 32 BITS IMAGE 4:20 420 46 58 911 よさ わん AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ace attorney actual music adlib パンツ all 7s ambien amen break angry angry sun anime anime letters arpfest arps astolfocore beats to study r BEE major beep bestiality BIG BOY blippy blues bob and vagene bolsonarocore boobs bosca ceoil bossa brown in pants buffalocore calm canine carot cheerful chichard d fames chili chirp chromatic CHROMATICZ cirnocore classical CLEAR clipping cool and nice core cos but no sin cpu abuse cum cutecore def gripz defeatistcore delek this delet descending descriptioncore detroit diatonic af dithering DnB do not steal dogcore doo dreamy dril drone duck duck tales dunanana 🤔 🥪 easy listening ecks dee egg ended streak ending theme famitracker fart feedbackcore filter sweep fjopp fonzie foot tap foray format winner franchiest frantic ft garfi- garyeggmicrodose gay GOOD grand dad groovy hæit hella chords homophobia homura is unluck hopeful hung note immortal croc incomplete indonesiaball ironic(?)hashtag it short jacksepticeye jsoncore kawaii kefcore keffiecorez keffindom kick kodomo lambdacore licc liveplay longcatislong LONGCATISLOOOOOO longdogislong loopu loopy lotsa FM love my new shea lucky number masculinitycore matrics medium rare melancholy methylphenidate mi ano michael steven midistep moe morrow motorway mr krabs murky mushoku my face is melti n00b nanachicore never mind NG no not ambient not dubstep but not læit not spuuky not swing notespam now how do i del nsf ntrq obot oh ye oops i shidded openmpt oppai original charact ouch that's hot owned the libs parallel fifths peanut butter sa penguin of d00m penis peniscore pennis pensive perfect 5 personal brand piano poob quack quality rai relaxing reviewbrah rleaxing rumpt satanic oink SB∞ scott sequel sgen shitpost sidechain sidechain compre sine wave slap ass sleaziest sociopathy sp00ky spheres spicy sr pelo stella still wrong strobecore SunVox swing tall teapot techno test the donald the lick the real winner thicc tiddiez tiddy time sig tinnitus titlecore tonywilliamscore tradwife transcendental transposition trap traps are gay trending trendings triangle wave unclean untz upbeat uwu uwu whats this varg vikernes visual novel vortex tracker vrc7 vst wacky (in a good waffles wah Wak wakemeupinside wank wants to die warm wes peden wet wisdom woof yeehaw yoshi

Tags Received

:( (´• Ω •`) (っ˘ω˘ς ) ): 13 13/4 194 19tet 1st place 2 2hu 2in1 2x2A03+VRC6 45 45 or 6 to 4 46 6/4 7/8 8khz 96edo aaaa...!!! aaaaaaah acoustic actual music Adlib aliens ambient ambient-ish amen amen break anime arctic putt arpfest arps art ASS atmospheric atonal autofavorite awful title bad dc offset bad tenisers bait baroque bass basscore beat beats bed beepy bellybuttoncore bendy berg blues bonus room boonsave booty? boss battle bossa bouncy brass breaks broken bug test bugs burp buzzer bzzzz calm cancore cat cave cave story cavey certainly character cheerful chill chip chipstyle choir chords chromaticism classic classical cold collab community computer generat conceptual leap crash bandicoot crazy creative creative title creepy crust cute d dank_nugez dark death defeatistcore definitely deflemask delek this delet this delicate delicious descriptioncore detailed detroit detune detuned digiart ding dong dinner dirty dissonance dizzy dog drawing dreamy drunkcore drunkore пейнт летний ч лето e621core earthbound ECHOecho egg ending endingless experimental expirimental face melt descri facecore fair fake boy fart ff1 fight filter fm footwork fretless fruit fugue fun funky garfielf genesis glissando glitch good length good singer good title groovy guitar hand happy hard hard rock hard swing hats hax hazy heart horse hot air house idm ignored theme ilkaecore illegal image incomplete inpujcore intense intermission intricate island it it2nsf jazz jazzy Jebaited journey juke jumpy kahoot! kawei kawei desoup keen kid a kill me kirby kleedercore klystrap kungfufurbycore laplace transfor leady lemmings lo-fi lofi loopy lopunny LOUD lsd dream emulat lullaby mario paint mathcore mazey meander melancholic melancholy mellow merienda metal microtonal mii minimalism minimalist minimalistic mod moneyme mood mood swing moody mountains mr krabs mwah mysterious mystic трендинг чип n00b n163 namecore nerdy nes samples Nigel Thornberry nightmarecats no noisecore noisy not a fugue not battle art not læit not sincxcore nuge obama odd odd time offbeat oh yeah omega ominous onlinesequencer orange outside overdrive pads pandavovacore pants paper mario parody party pastiche penaltycore penis percussive perfect 25 pikachu pilotredsun pizza polar bears polyrhythms poob popular porn music prince of tennis progression pxtone pyramid quality qualitycore quiet rain random reading refrigerator relaxing remix retrocore reverb rhodes rock rolls romance rule breaker :( rulebreaker russian s3mml sad sadcore saw scary movie Schismtracker sega genesis sega tennisers sequel shock shoots short short as usual sick silence simple simpsons oc singing sk-1 drums slow slow pants snare rush snarecore sneaky snesmod snibbetracker snow sorry sound design soundtrack soup source space sparkle sparkles speedy splatoon spooky spoopy squeaky squeaks std stellar storytelling storytime strange stuff sued suite summer chip VIII sunny sunvox sweep swing synthy take a walk telephone tempo changes tenniserscore tension test the best the nuge the real winner thin thing thingiverse timesig change titlecore too many touhou trees trending trends triangle triangle bass trianglecore tumbly twangy twinkle umamicore underwater unfinishedcore unsettling uplifting vaporwave variation variety hour variety_hour VGM vibes vibrato vocal mixing vocals voice voice mixing voices vomitorium vrc6 vrc7 Vtech wah walking waltz weird wind chimes winner wish techno wobble worldly doomway wrong number x.x yoshi zelda zuncore