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Begun initially under the pseudonym of Thank Fuscia in the fall of late 2006, 8-bit music (or as the nitpickers would like to title it, 'Chiptune') was always a slight musical interest to the artist we now know as Skin Walker, yet never an aspirational one. As the years went on, and he managed to generate more and more distorted, unsatisfying tracks, a short run of gigs, an array of lost albums self-released with close to no distribution and a room full of shoddy equipment, the decision to quit was an obvious one. But returning to the 8-bit scene in the build up to the summer of 2010, his ideas changed, and his take on music became more justified. With an early debut album under a new name released in May 2010 for free on Sociopath Recordings entitled 'Berserker', a new sound was created and never left behind, and even despite a creative drought for almost a year, the sound of the 8-bit sound chip has never been heard any clearer.
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