Level 26 Chipist   
Tags Given

: ) :( :( Sad :D !disclaimer (͜ ͡ [CENSORED] *Panicat dance* *squish* / /jaem/core \ & KNUCKLES >:( <\3 <3 #frexit 0.01% pulse wave 0C0 1-bit 11/4 12/8 16 channels 200th 24k 2a03 2A30 2hu 3/4 300 3DS 4:20 4'33 4/4 you doge 5 years old 6dcore 7/8 8============D 808 80s 8bcore 8k 90s a bard approache © A08 A04 abrupt end abstract ac/dc ace attorney acid acidente na curv acidjazzed aclmfan acm-mom approved action classical actual music actually its gay adlib adventure ^o^ airy aji's avatarcore alarm cock! alien all 1s all 7s all gold all my 1s all of them all_7 allah akbah almost alpha_c also djent-core alternative rock ambient amen sin AMIGA? AMIGAAAAAAAAAAAA anal icy day and then they angle of death animated anime Anime Girlfriend Anime Letters ant1 anthem anti-description anti-strobecore anti-wafflecore anticipationcore antidescriptcore antidescriptionc antigalgoxcore antisociopathy apology arp melody arpfest arpish arpocalypse arps arptastic art artremix Ascended BotBr asm chronicles ass ata atari ♪ ♫♪ atonal aTTari avatarcore awesome axe body spray azura corridors b B O T B bad bad title BAH! banned barefoot bass bassless chaps battle baycore baycutie ^o^ bdaycore beach beadon Beadon ^o^ beats beepboopclap BEGIN HEADBANGIN beststrobesong betrayal better than orig better than ZUN BFFLFFLARGL Big Rods. birthday birthdaycore biscuits bitcoin blagbungambergh BLAME CANADA Blast Processing blbblbblbl bleepy blippy blood on the dan blop blueballad bluesy Boby boobs booty boring bossa bossa nova bouncy brazil brazilian funk bread breaks BRIDS brostep bubbly bug report bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum BUTT BUTT BUTT butts C min ǢJiL!TY c64 call of calm camelCase can not lie caralho carnival castlevania cat semen cave story cavestory CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0 censored chaos cheat CHENGCORE chill chillout chiploop chipstyle chiptune theory choo choo chords chordy chorus chrono trigger cinematic cirno cis gender male clarinet classical click clicky clockmaster closet losers clubby cock on coda collab collage COME ON ZILA cookies cool cool story bro copyrightcore cornputer coughcore counterpoint cover crackle cracktro crazy cuckTales cute cutie cutie deer ^o^ cutie demon D minor dafish Damn you FoD dance DAT BASS dating sim dave de-leveled deep defeatistcore defeatitscore defecation Deflemask delaycore dem chords tho dem pants demo demoscene demostyle descriptioncore desync detune detuned detuned bass dibrecore dicks dilmacore dis is the beep disco disco-bitz house discord distortion djent djmaximumcore dkc dkc2 doge DOLAN TRUMP dong dong riser dont swear kid doom doskpop DPCM dreamy DRUGS drummy drumstep drunk drunkamanaguchi drunkore dubmood percs DubmoodCore dubstep duck tales ducktails duckTales duty earthbound EBOLA ADVENTURES echo echoless edm educational egg egypt electro elwoodcore emcee Eminem emotional ending entry 69 epic eroge EROGE BOUNCE EROGE FUNK ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww exactocore examinationcore exclamation explicit exploding nes Extremely demand eyes/balls swap fail failurecore fakebit famitracker farts fast fast drums fausto silva filter filter/resonance filters first first try fisticuffs fitting title fixed flame steak flaminglogcore flaminglong flat out 8-bit floppy flowers flute fm fm synth 2 when FoDcore Foolcore foolish For Anything friendshipcore frogluigi from equestria FUCK fuck california fuck milk Fuck the Cheng fuckass69 fucking loopy fuel fun funk funkadelic funkay funky funky loma fusion futabol fuuuuuuuu Game Gear gay gaycore gayroge gb chords generic Genesis Does gentle words ghost girl glitch glitchy gm.dls God gol pls fix FL golden axe golden butt golgi golgicore golgicutie ^o^ good day good intro! GOOD JOB ZILA good noise gostosa goulart has issu green green zone green greens gritty groove groovy guavacore guitar gymmandychan gymsbooxle HACK hacks hak half sociopathy ham-hams unite hamtaro happy happys hardcore hardpans harpsichord hax heart magic 7 heavy metal hell no hello hentai herp HERTZ DEVIL! HI hi hertz hidden penis high notes high pitch high pitched high-pitch metal home tracker horny hot house how HUGE PENITZ HYPERDIX I dig Strobe too i do I like midi :D I miss you ;__; i VII idm ignore the bars ikea naming illegal ilu baycun <3 im 13 u egg im sorry imperfect 35 improved in the nude incomplete Incredible industrial insect lullaby intense interpolation intro ipicore issu it it does exist italo italololxd3 items Jackals jailsoncore jazz jazzy jeroen tel jesus jet1style jrpg jungle kawaii kawaii desu kefcore keffchords key change keygen keygen music kfaradaycore Kick Snare kirby klefkiecore kommicore kommisar koto kowai KungFuFurby l l8istcore ladygagacore late lavender town legend of zelda leite level 24 chipist light metal lil' blobbers lil" woller literal literal garbage liveplay lmms lo-fi lofi logcatislog logic loliconst loma* lonely stroll long longcaaaAAAAAaaA longcatislong longintroislong loops loops twice loopy losetotildecore loud loud loopy love lovely lover boi low-pass filter lsdj ludo-cris lullaby maj7 chords makermatic malmen's spleen malmencore manufact mariokartcore mariopants mathcore maths maybe mayonneise maze me add no zap me.....adon..... mean no harm mecharex mega mega9drain mega9man mellow melodies melodyne meme steak memecore men meow meowcore metal miaucore microtonal midi milky milotic dance minecraftcore misleading title mixist mml mmyv moe mono monster-eating? moody mootcore morse morse code mortandela mother motivationalcore mountaincore mspaint multi-song multi-song entry munch.py musical piece musicbox mute my friend chris mysterio mysterious mystery dungeon N163 naldocore nao vai ter copa neighbords nice nice epic nice fadeout nicetas nihilistcore nixcore no no demostyle noise noisecore non_chippy not 5/4 not a cover not a game not a nsf NOT BULLSHIT NOT BY ZILA not cirno Not Even Once not gta:sa theme not illegal not original not really chip not spc not the waffles not train not._plrusekcore now in slow mo! nsf+ nullcore nuts o_O obot oc do not steal ocean oddtimesignature oh man oh queso oh shit oh wow oh yeah OK old old spice oldschool ooct1 ooh a choir openmpt orchestral organ original original film original plz don outrun overcompression pai de familia painting pandavovacore panning party pc-x801-ish Pe Noise peidei peixonaldo Penesis penis PENIS PENIS peniscore pennis Penoise pentatonic percussion perfect 35 phaser1 phaser1 vic20 Phoenix Wright piano piano poop crap pivot animation Pixel pixel art pixelated plrusekcore plustek pmd poekmanz poem pokemon pokemon rse polonium ponies pony ponycore pop poppo possibly post processing post-cat airplan Potentialing potpourri power chords power metal praise white jes press the butt probably strobed prog proggy proggy doggy psychedelic pukes of rage pukestep puketron7 putincore PxTone q q-chan QChan quiet rad radio radixcore ragtime rain ralts rampkorv's life random raphaelgoulart rare rated arrrrrrrrr RAVE read this tag really cool recursive title redacted regal reggae REJITTERING? rek-it ralph relax remaster renoise resub resubmitcore reverb rick roll riffy rip jsr rip puke rip tobikomi rock rock n roll rockin ronaldocore ROOF ROOF rpg rude running gag rushed rushjet russian folk Ryu Umemoto s t e r e o sad Sad. sadfasfdf sads the sequel sakura blast samba samples sampletracker Sampling sanic santanic sappy sarumi otp satanic satinic savage saxy scalecore scary score 1679 SEAL FETISH secret penis see u mkstar26 SEGAAAAAAAAAAAA seizure self insert self-insert senis sexman records sexy sfdsadafsf sharpscii short shortcatisshort SHOTS FIRED should have won showing off sid SIDish SIDstyle silly simcity sine sines SINISTRO skipping across skull swan skull trumpet slap slap bass slightly-creepy slinky slow smooth SMS smurfs smw snesmod so cool man sociology sociopathy sodacore solar b. solofest sorry nothing sound design soundclaudio space spacecore spacey special fx speech speedcore speedy spoiler spooky SPORTS spy square stanic static ste----------reo steampunk straight straight jammin streetlamp streets of puke streets of rage strings Strobe strobecore stroboe stuttercore submit allgear succ SUCK A DICK TILD sunflower market sunny surf surprise ending sux swedish comedy swing swingy ta sa theme taiko Tails the Dragon tailscore tango team anime techno telephone tenniscore tetris Th4 5N35 thank mr skeltal the fields of qt this is a tag this is by strob THIS IS BY ZILA thrash thx mkstar26 TIA tim Tim Follin tincan tislooOOOOOooOng tit titlecore tits toho TOO DAMN SLOW top bun top gear tothejazzcore tothejizzcore touhou tq-jamcore tracker trance treausre trending triangle triangle awesome tribal triplet tritone tropical uau Umemoto umemotocore unfinished unfunny unicore unknowncore unni Unreeeal superhe unsettling untag zlew >: ur all gay >: ur anus us usability USSR UwU vanilla9man vaporwave variablecomposer vgm vgmmm vhs cables vibrato vic20 victory viegascore Vinyl Crackle violentcore virtcore visual novel vncore vocaloid vocals vocoder vrc7 vs mechagodzilla VVVVVV wafflecore waffles waltz wangan WarioWare watermeloncore weeaboo_music weird wet what what did i do =o what is it? what is this what is this mot what Nintendon't whatsapp whatxapp who is bris wildchip windows xp winningcore wobbly world famous wow wow calm down wtf wtf golgi wub wubstep wvlcore WwWwWwWwWw X XemoTails xmsnes xrns2xm2it2spc XTREME xwe is horrible yay zila! Yeah Whoo yearofmidi yibbon YM2203 yomaru kasuga yomarucore YOU FAILED you got it ^o^ ytpmv YTPMV+ Yukattroll Zalza ZILA IS A LEMON ZILA IS A MELON Zillah zx beeper zx spectrum zxbeep

Tags Received

;((((((((((99999 :D .mod .xm <3 <br> =( $$$ 2spooky4me 3.5/1 Funky 4 on floor 4'33 666 7-4 time 7/4iscool 8 bit loop crap 8bcore 9man A minor acid actual jizz actual music Adlib adventurous alexandre senna alien all_7 amenbreak and 66 anime antidescriptcore arpeggio arpfest arps autobots aww AY backstreet boys ballade banjo kazooie bass beach beat best of friends birthdaycore black sabbath bleep bossa bossa chords Bossa Nova bossanova bouncy boy br brasil brazil britney spears brk buttsax C minor c-jeff 男の子 calm caralho cartoon casio demobutton casiocore castlevania catchy cave story chao garden cheerful chill chipstyle chords chordsss~ chordy christ clubby codist collab commacore computer science cool correct cover cracktro credits cum rock Cute cute ^o^ DAC dance danceable dat bass David Wise defeatistcore defeatistcore++ deflemask demostyle descriptioncore detune digimon world distortion guita donk draw dreamy drums E major easy listening edm educational edutainment elevator emotion entry 2 is the g esperpop ethnic Extremely demand face fart bass FCM10 entry finesse first try FirstCore flap bass fleetwood mac flower fluttershy fm Follin forlorn fuck fuke fun funk funkeeh funky Gameboy Garten gay gay lovers gayyy gender get down ghey gif gold golgicore golgisexual good good title! grant kelly Grant Kirkhope green green green zone green greens groove groovy hand happy happy summer hard cum hard pans hard rock heard 'em say heart heroic honk hot stuff house imperfect 35 introtune issu it it does exist it2nsf italo disco Ivan Lins jackpot jam jammy jazz jesus Jimmybeat keygen kick kirby KISS knaecketraecker kulor seance l0l latin leady leftchannelcore level 22 chipist level 23 chipist level 25 chipist like line break lofi loopy love lsd(j) lsd(j) dream emu lsdj lsdj-core making software malmen maria me add no zap melancholic mellow melodic melody Melodyne meow MEU OVO milky minstrel mixing moartagzcore mod money moody mp3 music actual N106 nasty cheating NEC nice nice as fuck nice car noooo chipart not boring not brazil funk not generic not spanish nsf ohb oldschool ominous onioncore ooh a choir openmpt OPN2 options menu original OTTcute overly cute p. happy panning party tilt party! Pat Metheny PCE pedagogicore pelé core pentatonic pep percussion perrisimo piñacoladacore piano PIRATES pokémon polka portuguese post-processed power-quest powerrrrrrrrr proud pugservice pumpin pun que delicia racing ralphcore ralts raphaelgozart~~~ raphaggotCORE raphcore relaxing reprise rhapsody of fire Ripoff rock hard rock n roll rockin rockmusic romance language ronaldocore Roque Wins™ rox Sad. sakura blast samba samples savage schoolcore sequel sex sfdsadafsf short should have won shred SID like sound sine sinecore ska skill trimpet smile smooth SN76489 SNES snesmod snowflace snowflake solo solofest solomania solos sonic sonic&tails sonicbass spc speech spooky Spring strobecore stroll sunny sunshine swag swimming swing tag me plz tails tails' plane tension tetris the licc the lick theme music theme of waifu thrassshhhhhhh thumbs up thx u Tim Follin To The EXTREME tool-assisted Tracks trending tricrotonal trills triplets tritone ttlyhetero ttyhero Turbo Grafx turn umemotocore underdog uninstall chrome upbeat uplifting vaitercopasim e vgm vic20 vocal mixing vocalcore voice mixing vr6n001 VRC6 wario land what is dis raph what is this why so much 3xx witchcraft woah wobble wooooooow wow wow cutie ^o^ wow tails ;( xaser xm YM2612 you nerd ytpmvbr yu-no zone ZX Spectrum