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Hey y'all, I'm noxy (they/them). I'm just another chiptune composer looking to sharpen their skills and meet new people, been doing this about 6 years but I still have a lot to learn. I mostly use DefleMask, MilkyTracker, and FamiTracker, but I also use Ableton Live 10 and VCV Rack for non-chiptune music. My fave console soundtrack is probably Ecco 2: Tides of Time (and I just love Sega Genesis stuff in general). I draw a lot on Scandinavian folk music and symphonic metal for inspiration, and I also like messing around with weird rhythms and scales. I'm very passionate about free, open source software as I want music-making tools to be available to anyone who wants to create awesome sounds.
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post #123094 :: 2020.06.27 2:16am
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hello and welcome to botb :D/
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post #123097 :: 2020.06.27 6:11am :: edit 2020.06.27 11:59am
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Hell yes! It's hyping for me to see a fellow enthusiast of traditional Nordic music, and paradigms used in subgenres of metal music, around!

Hello, Noxy! And welcome to Battle of the Bits! I am much looking forward to hear music of yours, and for you to enjoy yourself participating hereby!

As a personal addendum, I do admire the nobleness you convey, by your desire for music-creation related software to be available for everybody to use, and learn from.

Cheers, Noxy!
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post #123102 :: 2020.06.27 2:30pm

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