Level 23 Chipist   
Tags Given

'scuse me ( ¯u¯)-b [PENITH.XM] [ZENIS.XM] 1-bit 17:50 2 saws 1 sqr 2 spook 2 spoopy 2A03 2a03 wannabe 5B 7/4 9man A minor addmusick adlib adventure aji's avatarcore AMIGAAAAAAAAAAAA animated Anime Letters anti sociopathy anti-description antidescriptionc antisociopathy arpfest arps asleepcore ass cheng asslit moonwank atari aTTari auuuuuuu~ bad photoshopin ballz bass drum bassy BBSONG bear beard Beepola Crapola big goluigi head birds Blast Processing bomb busters bonzi buddy boobie squeezed BOW BRIDS bulbasaur_irl BUTT BUTT BUTT butt lmoa buzz c64 cacodemon can do it too carcore castlevania caterpie chipstyle chords clocks cloudcore cohones of death crow curryious cute dad joke dat hair doe dat tail defeatiscore defeatistcore demoscene style dendy descriptioncore DIOS MIO dither hell dithering doge drunk duane! jam it! duanos mobile dubstaob dux hunt DYNX86 error ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ear rape earthbound eco tecbook sux electric boogalo Eternal Eternal Walker FAMIGAAAAAAAAAAA famitrax0r FDS fds abuse fetish fetish finland First Samurai fmaicom forever fodcore fuck g97 fuck milk Fuck the Cheng FUCK YEAH METAL fuckass69 fucky fuke fukken volcano funk funky fuxin seagulls G97 be angry Gengar gg giant moon giygascore glitch glitched Godzilla good good game gypsycore half sociopathy happy hardpan hello helpyeah hentai hi hertz hi-res vga hipstercore hooper HUGE MOON i dont even i owe you 200 LONGC icecream invincibru ipicore itchy witchy jet1style keygen kf-core kfaraday moaning kool dolphin lies >:C literal fartbass lofi longcastislong longcatislong loopy loud loud as cohones m9m chords malmencore mario kart mario paint mega9core mega9drain mega9man megadrive megazun X meggy's problem meguh man Melon Dezign merio world mexico midi milkytracker MMC5 moar tagz moartagzcore mombat kombat moody moretagcore moretagscore ms paint mspaint n163 NES NG no boons lost no dad i'm not none noooo chipart NOT BULLSHIT not funk not melonman NSF ntropic nuts.wad v2 of cow oh my loaf OHB open source opinion image orchestral Paratroopers pc speaker mode Pe Noise perfect 1's perfect 20 perfect 6 phaser1 phaser1 vic20 plustek Pokemon pooping corners pootis poppo Potato prenoise probably robbed pwm rad random theme REJITTERING? relax yr butt rick roll rip jsr rock rill Rush Rushing SÆNIC santanic sap sawtooth SAYXEE screams see u mkstar26 senip sfm Sgen Shadow short sid signup2dl--jerks sine waves SINISTRO skull trumpet slinky smooth snare snesmod sociopathy sonic hates this SORRY NOTHING soundtrack space space fetish spaghetti special zone spelling fail spooky squeeeeeeecore STFU GOLUIGI Strange strobecore stroboe Sunsoft 5B Sunsoft5B swenski stronk swing swingcore taggistcore Talking tallmon TAP terraria tf2 heavy the sequel the wads thisisbystrobe Tim Follin Core titlecore tongue twister TOO DAMN SLOW touhou tq-jam is my jam TQcore Transylvania trippy typocore ufocore unicore untag zlew >: ur anus us vanilla9man Vegetable very happer very mystery vibrant vocaloid VRC6 VRC7 vstspeek Walker wang War Warfare waves WC9 what Nintendon't Wild Chip Wildchip Wind windows xp Winter Chip wolfenstein 3D WOO WOO WOO WOO wubs YEAHWOO yes yes good yoshi's island YTP in a nutshel Yxx-spam zelda dungeon ZILA IS A MELON ZXBeep

Tags Received

<3 1-bit 16kb 2 saws 1 sqr 2A03 2xpokey 3XEXPAND 4/4? 3/4? fuck 5B 6/8 a-zu-ra-core Ab minor abrupt abstract ace of base adlib adventure adventurous alg7 ALL OF MY YES almost avatarcor animated animated gif anime another rico antidescriptcore arpfest arps asciiart-ish ass atmospheric attentioncore avatarcore aww AY AY minor AY- 3-8910 bassy battle metal battle of the bi bavarian raga Beepola bees? beethoven blender blippy bluesy bravely default break BRIDS brutal butt stuff buzzer bvbvb cacodemon cadence catchy cheese chiffchiff chill chippy chipstyle chiptune chords cirno clubby colorful CONSUME contributioncore copy paste Crazy Bus cute danceboi danse dat ass dat dither doe defeatistcore deflemask demostyle descriptioncore detuned dither Dither Chip X dither hell dithering dithermaniaIIDX dithers DON'T WALK doom dot matrix print duane duane <3 E minor egg egypt egypt dance musi elevation epic exactocore expansioncore extreme envelope fast FDS First Samurai flappy the happy flip it the fuck Flippin good! floaty FM formats FORMATS FOR ANTS forrest gump french ftm fuck E minor fun funky furious fury G major G minor galactic snowboa gameboy genesis genious goa great title! grooveyyy hackist pts handclaps hardpans hella cool hipstercore hooper hot damn mama howtobasic httpscore hulk hogan I am god i came to this inb4zlewstealsit interpolate this interrobang pie italo disco jif joltikcore key change keygen kfaradaycore kind of funky leady lesson learned life lloooooogngnnggg lofi longcat longcatislong loopy lovely lullaby lunatic 1cc m9m m9mcore maj resolvearpfe manual many dots master racer mega9core meganeinman mellow melody is nice memes menu microtonal midi minecraft MMC5 moar tagz moody moretagcore motivational mountaincore mozartagcore mp3 multiple expansi multiscreen muy bonitos dela my friend chris N106 n163 namco NES nicetripm8 noise not funk nsf nsfrainbow OHB oil open source opl3 OPN2 Outergalactic Paperboy pathetique pattern penguin Penoise pentatonic phaser1 piano picardy third picardycore pirates playstation pokey POKEY waves post processing Potato pretty good prog PS3 psychedelic psytrance quic rainbow rainy afternoon rat red remix render rick roll rip joltik rip jsr roma run runner-up sads sap sega Sega Genesis self-fave short should have won sid sidechaining SIDstyle silver medal Sims 1 skills slogan slow smooth SN76489 snare snesmod sorry nothing sorry what? space space fetish spacecore spacey speedy spejs spoonspin spring stage select stream rage strong man strumming sunset swag sweet resolves swing swing? tall tall cat parade tallcatistall tempo shift texas ranger thanks for comin the hardest pans the pope of dope theflyingduane thx gyms thx keffie thx kff thx m9m TIA titlecore top dogg touhou tower of heaven transposewank typocore unce untag zlew >: Vegetable very long vgm VRC6 VRC7 VVVVVV WALK walrus waltz War Warfare waves what i wanna do wheel who's ray winner wolfmother wow yes good m8 YM2612 ymstyle ZX Spectrum