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Original H B rant on this link.

So thanks we are playing tracker program files n new chips soon.
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post #118877 :: 2020.04.04 3:27pm
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Snakey the Poobah and Kyle Eparoo's new Project, Hospital Boy.
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post #118894 :: 2020.04.05 12:57am
  Baron Knoxburry liēkd this
pls stop spamming forum threads with your links. share them on your profile or create one thread for it and keep it there
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post #118912 :: 2020.04.05 4:24pm :: edit 2020.04.05 4:25pm
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wont happen again kleeder. just got impatient... Thanks for letting me know. On the noob thread for posting the Templates we made for StrobeFlux and our new band. Finally got everything into one post--

first time off thats the only forum i've ever used for music

From, Elyk Eparoo
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post #119802 :: 2020.04.27 9:51pm
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nice avatar
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post #120782 :: 2020.05.14 10:14pm :: edit 2020.05.14 11:20pm
  charlotte liēkd this
Thanks Yo That's what me and Yekans look like at our Astral Band Practice right before I tune my Guitar for 5 & 1/2 hours while he shops on Macys and it's awful scene, like but i'll get some sensible finger-plucked "black coffee metal" stuff in there, ask Yekans

My guitar tuning lessons cost 1,001,001,001,001 brittish pounds. Typically I wouldn't reccommend anyone asking me to do that but we could set up a Video Chat or hang out in person in Amsterdam Coffee Shop even.

Email me at for a PayPal or a bitcoin transaction if you want to go hum-dingity-dumm on that thing for a while for the ladies.
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post #120993 :: 2020.05.17 10:43am
i'll give you a 1-week-scrub for submitting an illegal entry to an ohb on purpose!

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