Level 26 Chipist   
Tags Given

-o- -o- :o .load 250 ): & KNUCKLES &nowthesolo #techno 0C0devil 1:25 12chanhowww 16 channel 16ths 1bit 1kbps 20hu 22.491???? 28dayslater 2A0<3 2a03 2hu 2op 32kbps 4m 33s 4op 4s in 3s 5-op 6/8 7 wonders 80s 8bcore 8bit poop crap a blib a journey a picture A* aardman abrupt abrupt end accurate aclmfan acmfancore actual music ad ad adlib age of empires ahahahaaa ahx ai bomb airhorn aiwa akerfeldt album leaf all my 1s all noobs! all the octaves all7s already released alt chords alt? altfest amazing arps amazing grace ambience ambient amensin - amen america amigaaa amigaaaa amnesia an experience anactualsong and justice angry triplet anime animevote anvil snare arabic are you ready army arp melody arpfest arps arps4eva arptastic asm atmosphere attitude audiopaint authorcore autocongrats avantgarde avocado fetish axewieldy ay ay-like aym AYstyle ayyyyy b b3ng4rs bach backstreets back bad title badass banger bangin bangin' baron mixburry baroque bass bass7 bassline batman battery park battle battle metal battle music beach beach boy remix beatbox beats bebop because i got hi beducation beepocolypse beepola bendy chords beverly hills big big ass truck big beats billie jean birds birthdaycore biscuits bizarre black dog black mages black metal blaxploitation blueballad blueballed blues bombfunk mcs BONGO bonkers boogerman style BOOM boonsave booty Booze design boss bossa chords botb botbnews24 bottoms core bounce bread breaks broadcast brown noise building buildup burnt coffee busy buttery biscuit buzzer buzzer bass buzzer echo buzzertime bytebeat cop bZZZzzzz c car c o madrid c r e d o c s lewiscore c-jeff c'mon baby c418 c64ish embraceit caev stroy cajon call response call the cops calm canon in c carmen cash casio cat empire cat's cradle catchy cave in celtic change ur tags chaos chavcore cheery chesil beach chibitalk chill chill winston chillax chillin chip chip neutrality chipmetal chipmod chips challenge chipstyle chiptune theory choked on penis chordcore chords christmas gifs chrono trigger chug church bells chutzpah cinematic clap solo class act clubby cohesive 1b coin collab COMBINE combo compo over concealed willy concept concise confectionery CONSUME converge conways cool sfx cool snare cool story bro cool timings copyrightcore cor Corbyn cosmochoria country courtly COV3R cover cowbell cowboy cracktro crazy cream creative creepy crowd cumberbatch cute cyberglyph d a r k d00erp da funk daedalus daft punk Damn dance dank dark das experiment dat bass daw DAWcore death note decent deee deep purple defeatistcore Deflemask delish dem layerz dem lyrics demographic demostyle denpa? dep guild derpcore descriptioncore deskpop intro detroit detroitstyle detune detuned deus ex deus ex club diad different digital ding-dong dinner disco dissonance distortion guita ditty djmaximumcore dk rap dk64 do you even dogoganda dogsnake donk dontcha doodle doom downsample dpcm dpcm play dpcmcore dramatic dream dreamride dreamy dreieck drill drill and bass drive gamer-lad drool phase drop material droptease drum time drunk funk dub dune dungeon funk dungeon synth duty dw- 🐘 🤔 eagles earthbound earworm echo edgelord logic edutainment eerie effin a effort effort pts egocore egypt eientei einaudi elastic meshugga embrace the buzz EMF emotion END engine epic epic caterpillar erectile dysfunc esperpop ethereal euro eurodance eurostyle eurovision everywhere evocative evolving bass ewe&eye exclamation pt experiment experimental extinct F f for farts F'n cool fade inguitar fantasy farts fatboy slim fds feel feels fetchcore fever dream ff ff boss battle FF PSX FF1 ff7 fill dirt filldirt.png fills filter filtered drums filters firki fitting title fixed flaminglogcore flightsim flippin nora flower flute FM fod insturments fodcore forest temple forever french fresh prince fresh prince of frostbit frostbitten ftw fuck full bodied fun fun times funbeep funk funkadelic funkay funky funkyman Future future level fuuuu fuuuuu fuuuuuuuu gallops game jam game of life gameboy gangnam style garvalfcore gating gb sound gb yayay genius get lucky gg ghosts giddyup girls & boys gj glitchcore go go power - goatse golden record golden sun goldeneye goldlib golgidiss golgimeme gonna good choice good combo good noise good snare! good theme Grant Kirkhope great melody great scott greetz greyscale groove groove armada groovy gsc guch guitar guitar pro guitarpro guitary gunshot guybrush hackist pts handclaps hands up happiness OD happy happycore hardstyle harmonics harmonies harmonisation harmonisator harmony harvest moon Haunting hax health heart magic 7 hellyeah hetfield hey baby hidden message high fanta sea hill fetish hip hop drums his eyes hiss hobbits hoe down holy holy guacamole holy nes home tracker horny horrisnare hotel california house cleaning how hyaaaa hybrid hydrahead hym hymn hype I fave it i got some toast I like midi :D i mean cheetah i think i can i'm in it iBirmingham icarus idm ilikemidi:Dcore Ilistentoomuch image imagination improv improved in denial industrial input methods insert break install water instawinner intense interesting intermission introspective ints inventive invitro involved iron maiden is it tho isengard isis it starts here it's a sign it2vgm italo IX janky jarthur jayster jazz jazzy jejeje jellyfish jesu jif john travolta johnny cash journey jreddcore jrlesuggestion junction just bad just cool justthe2ofus kaengpunk kawaii keygen kffcore kickin' back kid a kimono kirkhope kits koji ichinose kondo kooky kulor seance kungfufurbycore kurt vonnegut lagomorph lead lease of life leekspin levels link listicle lively wave liveplay lmms lol lolcore long arps longpantsislong look around you loop loopy lore lorem chipsum lostfortags loud lounge lovely arps LSDJ lttp lua abuse ludo-cris lullaby lush m9mcore made in chelsea mae magic core magus maj resolvearpfe major quality manatallica marble madness march mario galaxy mario sample mariopaint marshmallow ques martial beach massive attack masterclass Masterpiece maths max effort max hp maybe me me and her me either meander mega9drain megadrive megaman melancholy mellow melodic melodic strobe melodic tom melodies melody :o melody is nice meme memes again memetic meowcore merry fields of meta metadata metal metal medley metalcore metre wizardry metroid metroid swing mexico miau miau percs micro machines microsoft excel midas touch midi arps military drummin minecraft minigame minimalism minor mixist mml mod reppin modstyle mogemens monkey island monopoly cd mood piece moody moot mootcore mootstradamus moral eclipse morerollthanasda morsedjent mr frodo mrauthor mtg multis muse musical muting n o napalm death national entropy necrolike nervouscore nes nesmod never new album new bark town nice nice chords nice concept nice echo nice ep nice rhythm nice tri nicetas night driving no no audio no dpcm no illin no loop no pizza ;( no regrets noise noise channel nolimitend noquitsies not an exe NOT BULLSHIT not enough yoshi not metal not octode not orchestral not square not the kittens not willy wonka note slide nsf in da club nsf in disguise nude a nys in wiiland o obnoxious octave bass octode ode to donk Oh yeah ohb oͧ̿ͫ͗̎͒̏ oil2 oldschool oldskool omfgdogs onett arcade only 7 off ooh a choir OONTZ opeth optical illusion optimisation orchestra orchestral orchestral hit ord'savatarcore organ ostinato OTTcute out of time outrun chillwave outrunchillwave overly cute pachelbel pain in the palmidi lite pan pandatracker panning pans pant bullet parachutes paradiddle bass parody participation patc4ophes patchwork frog pattern sorcery patton paywall pcb story peaceful peek penis pentatonic pentatonics pepsi percs periodic noise pet shop boys petty squabbling phase phaser1 phasing phat beats photosmash phwoarr pink vote pitch bend pitchslide pixies pixitracker plagiarism pleasant please ban pokejoke pokemon pokemon red poketrope pokey polished polyrhythms poop contest pop punk porcupine tree portamento possibly post post- post-post- potato power power rangers predictable pride pro pain pro trait prodigy chords production promising propeelerhead s propellerheads protip psg psg2mod2 psheeeaaoooww ptcop pulse toms puns pure data pwm pwm lead Qchan QQ quic quirky but cool r/s/e raijin semi rainbow road raise the roof ratatat readmecore redic refined reggae REJITTERING? relax remarkably lsdj remix repetitive reverb ribbit snare rickroll riffs ring mod ring modulation rip rip azura rip ears rip golgi rip stumpclip rip tobikomi rivendell robocop rockin roger dud rollerball rolling roma rpg S S I C K J A M s p a c e sad sads the sequel salamander samba samp pack sample gold samples samW Sanic sap vibrato save pls savegame SBDamned scene set scene setting screech scroller sea noise seagulls sega vst segue segway cop self sampled selfhype set the scene sgenlemask shaq fu sheep shinigami sho shootouts short shuffle shuffly sick break sid sid in disguise sid lead sid wizard sidautotune??! sidechaining sidfaradaycore sidstyle signature silence silencecore simple sincesque sincxcore sine sing-a-long singing sirens skilled skrillex skulls slap slap bass slayer slick slow jam slowly dear sludge smlurlm smooth sms snare love sochi protest sociology solo solo whist solofest somethingwave songcore sorry nothing soundchip soundscape spaced spacey spam'd Sparkasse spc echo special fx specialfx speed 1 speedy spelling spiders splosions spooky SPORTS springy sprout tower squirrels srs ss anne sseeeeeeeegggaaa stabbed stackmem stall star ocean stars station stave stone roses store storytelling strings strobe the compo strobecore stroll strong strumming stupid descripti stupid! stylish stylistic sub bass such chords sugar summer sheen sunken england sunvox effect supermega surprise chip swapcompo sweat swf swordsnstuff symphonic syncopation system shock t ta da tadpole taggercore take my hand take that bjorn talkie target tasteful tbc tcg tech techdemo teeeeeeee-st teensy rickroll teletubbies termina tetris tfwnogfcore that triangle the the count the FX the shadows the sky? the sword themE there's a light theyre taking thick this is line 9 this just in thrassshhhhhhh thru the sequel ti ti tia tiiiiiim tildecore tim time heist time sigs timings tims ting tinyvengeance TITLE WIN titlecore to isengard told toms touhou tq-DAMN tracker pop transcendent transposecore trap percussion trapchurch trashcan triangle triangle awesome tribal trip trippin balls triptune tritone triumph triumphant troll trolley truck_driver truly scrumptiou truth ttjcore twisting my melo twitch ad ugh uglyballs uglycatcore uhh uhhhhh unce unconventional undertale unexpected unfunny unknown unknowns unrestrained urgency usa ability utau vap_os vaporwave vect orz vectors vengeance vengeancecore verdigriscircuit verily vgm vgmetal vibeo games vibes vibrato VIC40 vo-kills vocals vocoder vodka dance voice voices voivod volume control volume inbalance vortex tracker vrc6 vrc7 w/e wacky wadafa wads up waltz wave abuse weather report weh weird weirdcore well & truly well actually wha whale noises? what the actuals whatgymssaid wheel of time wheel of time? whistle motif whoa whooo why bother wii wildchip win96 winbait windler winner winston wob womptastic wow wow calm down WTAF wtf wtfland wub wubhelm x intensifies xaseresque xaservox xm ye olde tune-e yeah yeah no yeehaw YEP yerzcore yes yes good ymstyle yngwie nsfsteen you you tried z0r zabu zabutom zantilla zelda zelda II zelda temple zeldo 1 zerocore zeta force ZOLOFT zx

Tags Received

<3 0.01% pulse wave 1-bit 16k 1bit 7/8 8/10 8bcore a2m aaa Ab minor ablib abstract abstract art accelerando action ad ad ad ad adlib all 7s ambient ambient-ish ancient acid animated apologistcore arcane arpfest arps atari Atari ST atmosphere atmospheric avant-trap aww AY aym bass battle theme bd beat beautiful beepboop beeper beeper rock bells bintracker bitpack recycle blippy block chords blueballed boody boss level breakcore bubbles buzzy bwow bytebeat bytebgat c0v3rz C0VER c64 calm calypso cardscore Casio CTK-150 channel F charlottecore chido chill chipmetal chipstyle chords classic clean clicks clicky cmsht coffee danger complex cookies and milk cover coverness crazy creepy creepy islets cute D major D minor dance dank dark deep delekcore dennis descriptioncore descriptive detune detuned didn'tknow diminished diminished farts doom metal double time dpcm drifting drone drum circle drunk drunkcore drunkore dubstep echo eclectic eerie effin ity excelcore exorcism experimental experimentation expressionism F00LED FLAPPY fade ending fairrrr fart bass farts fast FC feelings feels fez filter filtercore filters flash flowing FM Fooled Flappy forward french fun funinsun Gameboy Genesis genius ghostly ghosts gif glitch golden showers good good rhythm good title gritty groovy grungey happy hazy heterogeneous hexture HI_DEF hypnotic i do I don't want to i've been bad ilkae Illsmouth be dam IN TENTS industrial intense islets it jazzy kefcore labyrinthine latin lazy leady lemonadecore lizard lofi loopy lots of them LSDJ ludo-cris Luigi Paint Macher mad makeupwhatitsoun mario paint master class maxYmiser maybe mean mega9drain Megadrive mellow meow mexico microsoft excel minimalistic missingno. mod moody moon Moose \ more tags motivational mp3 mptm microtonal music theory mysterious NES newtracker nice scale 10/10 no noise noise trip Noisy nose drummer nostalgia-ish not enough yoshi not supernsf nsf nursery rhymes occult ohb ominious ominous openmpt ostinato otherworld music ouch overworld pad parallelism PCM penis penoise periodic noise phaser1 phaser3 phasesqueek phat phone pink sheep pixitracker plinky plinky plink pokey poland Pollock polyphonic possessed possibly probably proggy PSG PCM punny quiet retro-ish reznor rhythmic ring rock roll ronaldocore rough RPG ruinas ricas sad ballad sad ninja sap saved schism scottish scratched record scream tracker 3 Sega shiftyeyedmario short shrill sid sidechain SIDstyle sine sleizsa duo sludge metal sludgestep small panda cox smooth SMS SMS trap SN76489 SNES snesmod sorrycore spacey speed 1 spinning spooky steady storytelling subversive sumerian chip sunvox sustain swan sweeps sweepy swells tarot tech tech demo thick thin tia tidesoftime timbral tincan top dogg touch fuzzy get trippy unnerving urban hijinks usability variety_hour vertiginous vgm vic20 volume register vomitcore wave-ish weird westerncore win windy wub wub wub wubs xtreme yes yes good yi YM YM2149 yoshi yoshi's island zanny zaps ZX Spectrum