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#techno 0.4.2=best ft 0cc-ft 1-bit 1.52 12k 1bit 2hu 4/4 420 4th Wall 5B 5B only 8bcore 90's techno A abrupt ending accurate title AH IT MOVES Alberto Gonzalez all 1s ambient-ish Areyouokson? arp arpfest arps art atari avocado points awesome aww ay ay-3-8910 AYstyle ayy lmao ayyyyy BAAAAAAAM bass batmobile beats Beepola bells bigbabyformat bleeps bleepy weirdy blippy blue blueballed! bluesy bodybuilding bootleg af bossmetal botb bouncy breakbeat brkdown brutal BSM FATV bubbly bubbly buggy vgm buzzy bytebeat cop bzzzz caev_stroy cake Callie calm carillon Carillon Editor catchy character screen chill chinese chipchampioncore chipstep chipstyle chiyo-chan clubby cookari-masho cool cool_story_bro crappy art cream cute cutecore D&B dance danceversion dancey dank deathadder dectalk defeatistcore defectmask Deflemask delet this demo-ish demoscene demostyle deved h├Žitd thi DevEd-- DevEd++ DevEdcore disco djmaxcantmod djmaxcore djmaximum djmaximumcore djmaximus djmaxymiser DnB double_vision downsampling DPCM driving drumkit Drums Dub dustep dustep wer ecchi echo electro electrobit empowering emulationcore energetic enerjizz env epic ez mony F F A T fail fakebit Famitracker fast FC fixt path floaty fm font fountains friendlytagscore full funky funny furbdangle gabberkick Gameboy gamemusic garvalfcore GBA given Godzilla on NES good times good title grain Gravy groovy haihaihaihai hand drawn happy harassmentcore hardstyle hax heartwarming hentai hes house HuC6280 hummer hummer team illegal isthisyourvoice? jazzy jersey jungle keity.pop keys kff homage kit klonoa l0l Lactation legit lofi logo LOL longcatislong loopy LSDJ macmachine mad machine map music Mari Kikuma Marie mario mellow memetilt michirin fanboi Michirin9801 midnight_submit Milky Tracker milkytracker minimal mixist MMC5 mono moody my machine n00bability N163 namco6ch NES never forget NI63 no shits given noise noooo mixart not again not art not orchestral not square notannoying notdjmaximumcore nsf null null1024 nullcore OCC FT oldschool oops our* ow pack pan part 2 pastiche patische pc engine PCE pcnacore peaceful perfect 25 periodic noise phat phaze picasso-like plinky pop pretty cool PSG PCM punchy PXtone quack quack que rico quiet rave reggae reggaejazz remix rhythmic riddim robot rulebreak:( rulebreaker same Samples scrubcore seal clubbing secret agent seen self-favorite selffav sexy sfx shits given short shrot sid sidechain simple slow arp sms sn76489 snare solve it somari speedy Splatoon Spring Tracke Squid Sisters stabby static-snare step stock chords storymusic strobecore strobeshell strobetech sunsoft 5B supernsf SURRENDER swehg swing synthy T techno techno techno technotenenrrhn tek no text text2speech tfm TFM Music Maker TG-16 TG16 the bird the stoooo thick tim timbres time fo spring timmy TISS SV titlecore to-the-max touhou Trackers trance transients_ugh trap tritone triumphant twangy untz upbeat usa ability usability variety_hour vgm vgm pls Virtual Boy vocals voice Vortex Tracker VRC6 warm wavetable what wild wintery woah ending wonderswan words wow wurdz xm ZX Spectrum